Every now and then you stumble upon a band who sound completely unique and unparalleled whilst feeling welcomingly familiar. One such band is Greater London’s itoldyouiwouldeatyou, a collective who present a creative exploration of arbitrary alternative music that is an amalgamation of emo, indie-pop and math-rock. Such devotion to experimental creativity is unmistakable within their work and with the group now on the cusp of releasing their new EP, Get Terrified, it’s transparent to see why the group are enjoying the spoils of a devoted following.

2017 played an extremely important role with the shaping of the act, with the group dropping two confrontational singles; ‘Divine Violence’ and ‘Mourn’. These tracks signalled a new era for the group, with the septet expanding and embellishing the emo orientated work found within their debut material. With the act having their roots embedded within the LGBT and queer community, such fantastic creative material was to be a source of comfort to those seeking empowerment and support, with the group being the subject of not a fanbase, but a blossoming community. Last year played host to a number of high profile performances for the collective, with the group sharing stages with the likes of Delta Sleep and The Winter Passing alongside performing their biggest show thus far at the 2017 instalment of ArcTanGent Festival.

With group making waves in a multitude of circles, now seems the perfect time for the act to take the next steps of their career, something they will undoubtedly achieve with Get Terrified. Released on the 20th of April by Alcopop Records and Failure By Design Records, the offering contains both 'Divine Violence' and 'Mourn' and proves to be a compilation of the group’s most socially charged, imaginative and fervent work yet. Such a statement is supported by lead single and title track of the record and the accompany music video. The video for ‘Get Terrified’ plays as a tongue in cheek homage to 20th century American high-school drama flicks and movies, something that plays as a direct creative inspiration to the group’s output.

On the single, vocalist Joey Ashworth states; “The world around us is trying to make us forget how to look after each other. It is trying to turn the young against themselves and to co-opt the old. It tells the working class that solidarity doesn’t work anymore, and tells minorities that they are on their own. It relies on cynicism. I am angry, but I am not and will never be cynical. So take the feelings and memories that make you up, realise that they and you are a product of your environment, and change it. Get Terrified is about coming home. Realising the answer was here the whole time, and trying your hardest to love - through anger, through disruption and through solidarity. Get terrified, get angry, and scream love until your throat bleeds. We are coming home together.”

Get Terrified launches April 20th and physical pre-orders are available here. But for now, check out the fantastic video for the title track below.