Introducing...Cutting Teeth

Whilst the phrase ‘one born every minute’ might typically be associated with the act of popping out kids, such a sentiment can easily be applied to the continued rise and expansion of the metalcore scene. Potentially one of the most accessible alternative musical genres, the genre and associated scene has acted as a gateway for many a listener to find more contemporary and experimental musical circles. Due to the sheer expanding extensiveness of the genre and it’s many respective dull cookie-cutter acts, finding an act to invest time and energy in has become a more mundane and laborious task. Thankfully, Yorkshire's Cutting Teeth clearly have the gusto, passion and crucial contemporary twist required to protrude from the masses.

Regarding the group’s origin, vocalist James Thurlby isn’t one to shy away from the fact that the establishment of the act was the result of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes’ set at Leeds Festival 2017. Such an act of live unruly hedonism has clearly seeped into their work, with their debut track, ‘The Great Delusionist’ being a shining example of balls out and quarrelsome metalcore. Written, recorded, mastered and released in just a number of months following their inception, it’s a promising start for this young act.

There’s a level of accessibility and familiarity to the track, with the general structure and vocals being comparable to the work of While She Sleeps and other synonymous acts. However, one of the most gratifying elements of this track is the general bashful overtones present. With its jovial guitar licks and riffs alongside the tumultuous underlining tone, the track conjures a riotous atmosphere that’s easily comparable to the rebellious work of early Kvelertak and Hail Destroyer era Cancer Bats.

With such a thunderous demo under their belts, Cutting Teeth have a busy year ahead of them. On the subject Thurlby states: “We've recorded our next single and are awaiting for the final mix back and as soon as we have that, we'll prepare a video and release! We're currently tracking the full EP and are discussing how to release it, but we know that when it is released, we'll be very proud of what we've produced. We're currently looking to fill our calendar with shows and looking at releasing Cutting Teeth to the world this Summer and to hit Autumn as hard as we can and play as much as we can. Ultimately, we want to write some riffs, bang our heads and play as much as we can and we hope that whoever gives us their time enjoys it.”

There’s no doubt that Cutting Teeth are going to be popping up on your radar before long. But for now, check out the video for ‘The Great Delusionist’ below.