Ways. - Aftermath | EP Review

We've seen a lot of great metal acts emerge from French soil over the years - Gojira, Kronos, and Hacride to only name a few – and now it seems we might have another. Out of Paris come alternative metal quintet Ways. with their latest offering Aftermath. In this, their second EP, the band seek to expand on the sound they have been carefully crafting since their inception back in 2013.

The band use their music as a way to comment on the negative aspects of society and the consequences of the human race's actions on the world around us, the authenticity of this message is something that boldly shines through the music itself (despite it rarely rising above mediocre), and is taken even further through their striking music videos.

After the instrumental opening track, the album launches into 'Death Row'; and with it, you are introduced to drum production that – as hard to believe as this is – gives St Anger a run for its money on how abrasive it can be.

Last year saw the release of the first single from this EP, 'See No Beauty', which serves as the band's big statement piece on a plethora of complex issues such as ecology, poaching, global warming, and animal mistreatment, all condensed into a two-and-a-half minute sensory overload.

Despite the great lyrical intentions flowing throughout this effort from the band, one of the EP's major weaknesses is the overall quality of the production: it's something that proves hard to ignore, even for the most musically illiterate listener. Constant 'clicks' and 'pops' in the audio due to mistakes made during the recording and mixing, heavily detract from the listening experience and at times make it more of a test of endurance than anything enjoyable.

Whatever way you look at it, Ways. are a band with a clear message weaved into the music they make. If you go into the EP expecting the next Gojira or Deftones, you'll be sorely disappointed, but what you will find however, is a band overflowing with an impassioned hunger to change the world for the better.

Score: 4/10


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