Daze Of June - Heart Of Silver | Album Review

Bursting onto the metalcore scene only three years ago under previous persona Archives of Alaska, Daze of June chose to turn a new leaf in the band's early chapters with a refreshing new name - that would soon spark the release of their debut full length album Heart of Silver. Taking into consideration the bands short existence, Heart of Silver shows extreme musical maturity in this debut which is highly admirable, pushing them amongst the big leagues of metalcore bands, a feat many take multiple releases to achieve. Merging an aggressive edge you'd expect from any hardcore act, with a set of huge melodic hooks that deliver a catchier listening experience for us, Daze of June tick all the boxes in any hardcore fans checklist.

Holding a total of ten phenomenal, metal leeching tracks, Heart of Silver truly does provide a number of songs certain to make your metalcore playlist. ‘Summit Fever’ is a shining light with its diverse structure. Pelting everything from: rapid thrash metal fragments that show the pure intensity and diversity that band's lead (Benjamin Julian Ganzhorn) has to offer, to more melodic, calmer sections that break the song up perfectly adding a sent of contentment that the song wouldn't be complete without, all done within less than four and a half minutes.

Daze of June come across extremely confident with the musical content they paint this record with, sounding tremendously professional and polished throughout. This not only involves their talents as musicians, but also their close relations and faith with record label Prime Collective. As stated by frontman Benjamin in recent press interview, “We feel like we’re in good hands with Prime Collective” and that they “share our high ambitions” which is a very promising statement for a band to make only paving a clear direction for their future.

‘One Wing Only’ and the title track are two more efforts that rank in the top tier of this album. Both deliver nail biting musical aspects that blend together exquisitely, you can just picture these two tracks being played in a live atmosphere, circulating a room full of people and filling the space perfectly with its massive, dominating riffs, somewhat quite similar to tracks produced by English metalcore phenomenon Bury Tomorrow.

The four Danish boys have certainly proven themselves on this close to impeccable debut album, one that many will agree meets the standards of some of the best debuts to come out of the hardcore scene in the last five or so years. With hopefully many more tricks of the trait up their quickly growing sleeves, Daze of June are a young band to definitely keep an eye on that have the potential to climb the ladder of success and not only make a name for themselves in Denmark, but also internationally as time goes on. A certain set future for the talented quartet.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/dazeofjune


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