Luke Rainsford - I Just Don't Deserve To Be Loved | EP Review

By this stage, it’s highly probable you have already registered Luke Rainsford. After releasing two full lengths, Rainsford has captivated many a listener with this tender heart on sleeve approach to dejected acoustic pop-punk. I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved, his upcoming EP, clearly states his craftsmanship and lyrical integrity.

I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved expands on the sonic themes presented within his previous offerings. Taking notable keys from his personal inspirations and weaving in new layers, this EP presents a layer of richness and deepness not typically associated with singer/songwriters. Opening with the gentle ‘Looking For Your Ghost’, the interweaving acoustic tones that document the subject of loss and the struggle of confidence make for a breezy track that plays host for a deeper tone under the amiable strings present. In truth, whilst the majority of his previous material document self-esteem and general self depreciation, this EP focuses on the subject of loss and the requirement of self-validation. Such a boost in maturity further bolsters the musical expansion found within this record.

‘An Open Letter’ is a fantastic example of this, exploring the death of a loved one and the effect it has on one mentally. Whilst nervously bitter lyrically, the interweaving, harmonising vocals and gentle, peaceful pace and structure hint at the polar opposite. In contrast, lead single 'Sweet Briar' (You can stream it here) presents a more conventional pop-punk structure, whist exploring more progressive dynamics. It’s certainly a powerful representation on how Rainsford has developed over the years, incorporating fresh dynamics and elements to forge a multilayered and intricate sound.

Of course, the exposed, vulnerable nature of Rainsford’s persona is still evident. There’s an element of adolescent nervousness and susceptibility to the towering world present, but such an element sounds more validated and mature. Such sonic tones are present within ‘What I Can’t Believe’ and ‘What I Hide Beneath’; two tracks that document the woes of coming of age and the tribulations that follow us into adulthood. Progressive, multidimensional, deeply emotive and thoroughly hooking, such tracks truly document Rainsford’s growth as a musician and the blossoming of his clearly developed sound.

I Just Don’t Derserve To Be Loved isn’t just the next step for Luke Rainsford, it’s also a fantastic example of his emotive musical ability. Musically smoothing and lyrically despondent, it’s an absolute pleasure to witness the continued growth of this young musician.

Score: 8/10




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