Chainsaw Castration - Doping In The Void | Album Review

Straight out of Slamchester (Manchester for those not clued up with death metal’s ugly sister) Chainsaw Castration have been hard at work making a name for themselves within the global slam community. From shows up and down the UK and mainland Europe, to more global recognition across the US largely thanks to the Internet and an unknown popularity for niche genres.

With a small handful of releases under their belts, Chainsaw Castration have been quiet for a while, with the odd threat of an impending debut album looming over like a hangman’s noose. Doping in the Void is a promo teaser promising a rebirth of sorts, shedding their original deathcore influences from artists such as early Whitechapel, and opting to follow more in the footsteps of slam titans such as Disentomb and Devourment, but does this mark change for better or worse?

X-files sample aside, Opening track ‘Enter the void’ is more of a statement than an introduction, telling you how it is and what to expect from the get go: caveman slams, Dying Fetus levels of depravity and brutality, and vocals that can strip paint off the kitchen walls. Schizophrenic changes between frantic blasts and slams over layered with vocals that sound like the Predator before taking on Arnie, repeatedly smash you in the face over and over. Ending on a hard as fuck slam section that’s a surefire pit starter.

'Multiple Stab Wounds' carries on the obscene levels of brutality; featuring some of the most ridiculous death metal vocals you can possibly conjure without torturing farm animals. That layers over some pit inducing riffs and slams of earth shattering proportions, straight out of the Internal Bleeding handbook, only better, definitely the standout track of the EP.

The mouthful of a song title ‘Attainment of Krishna Consciousness through Orgiastic Sacrifice’ is a more straightforward affair compared to its previous track. Focusing more on simplistic caveman-esqe riffs than anything else showcased beforehand. Despite the eye-catching title, this is a slightly weak note to end on, especially if you already know what this band is capable of.

For a band that are looking to reinvent themselves and escape their own deathcore past, Chainsaw Castration have more than succeeded here. Whilst not without its flaws and imperfections, Doping in the Void is a step up from their previous works. Stepping into heavier territories, whilst not losing their identity or alienating their fan base. With this being a taster of what’s to come, we can only assume that the best is yet to come.

Score: 6/10 Facebook:/chainsawcastration