Introducing...Spanish Love Songs

Certainly, there’s been an unmistakable rise of coarse and rugged pop-punk bands in recent years, with acts such as The Menzingers, The Wonder Years and The Smith Street Band enjoying the spoils of colossal followings. Whilst such a rise may be due to a range of various principals, many young acts are attempting to jump on this continuing bandwagon, with various degrees of success. However, one act that clearly has the earnest passion and power to make a name for themselves in this worldwide scene is the Californian 5 piece Spanish Love Songs.

Originating in Los Angeles in 2014 after the dismantlement of a previous project, the act take the intensity and contagious energy of intimate DIY shows and inject into a bolstered and developed punk orientated sound. It’s rare to find an act who can perfectly balance homegrown authenticity and passion with professional and powerfully balanced production. However, this trait is what makes Spanish Love Songs just so engaging.

With a level of bare exposure and anxiety, their 2015 self-released debut, Giant Sings The Blues, documented the trials and tribulations faced by front man Dylan Slocum. Chronicling the subject of a disintegrating marriage and the apathy and melancholy that follows, the record hit a chord with those seeking a painfully honest sonic outing that also offered corrosive and gritty modern punk sensibilities.

Their second album Schmaltz, released just this year, further expanded on the lyrical themes present in Giant whilst further building upon their intricate and hooking sound. The end result is a powerhouse of emotion and punk noise and is undoubtedly set to launch the act into the spotlight of their respective scene. Emotionally rousing yet rowdy, Slocum details the battles of self-acceptance and trying to relate in a world that feels alien with a powerfully wavering voice that is akin to the vocal talents of The Menzingers’ Greg Barnett. With it’s accompanying spiritually stirring punk structures and synth riffs that are nostalgic of the work of the early The Wonder Years, Schmaltz is an album that simply oozes emotion, passion and raw honesty.

It’s currently unknown if Spanish Love Songs will make it to our shores soon, but in the mean time check out the weirdly therapeutic video for 'Bellyache' below and make sure to stream Schmaltz here.