Live Review | Lets Eat Grandma w/ Hvnter & The Tates - Undertone, Cardiff | 12/04/18

Let’s Eat Grandma describe themselves as an experimental sludge pop duo consisting of childhood friends, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. They released their debut album, I, Gemini in 2016 and have since attracted a following of curious fans. Ahead of the release of their second album, the pair have headed out on a lengthy tour of the UK. We headed to Cardiff to see this ethereal duo for ourselves and to watch the madness unfold.

First to face the slowly growing crowd was Hvnter (7). His music was an interesting take on modern pop music, with swaggering drum machines and droning synthesisers, but the greatest surprise was his powerful vocal. While he struggled to talk about himself to the crowd, his interesting music spoke for him, as did the smile present on his face throughout his set.

Hvnter released his debut EP, Ghost last year and these songs, as well as an interesting cover filled his set. The hours that must have been spent on preparing tracks made Hvnter’s performance look effortless, and he certainly had guts to stand up and play pop/electronic music to a room which may not necessarily get it. He’s definitely flying the flag for young people breaking the boundaries of music, and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

Welsh four piece, The Tates (7) look like your stereotypical hipster band, but once they start playing their music, it’s obvious that they are anything but average. With their main influences being The Libertines and early New Order, their songs were filled with funky bass lines and atmospheric electronica. Their 2017 single, ‘Water’ heavily featured synths and had a sound similar to that of Blossoms. While their songs were a little repetitive, they were certainly catchy and well-rehearsed, and made for an enjoyable set.

Let’s Eat Grandma (9) covered the floor with pools of tangled cables and two futuristic synthesisers dominated the stage. The pair walked on stage with their heads held high and launched straight into one of their latest singles, ‘Hot Pink’. Their fingers expertly navigated the keys of the synths and their childlike vocals blended in an eerily perfect manner. Their set featured songs from their new album due for release in June, and these songs are a step away from the jarring nature of previous releases. ‘I Will Be Waiting’ had heartfelt lyrics that showed that the pair have aged beyond their years.

The first half of their set saw Rosa and Jenny behave in a more reserved manner, but as the show progressed, the pair come out of their shells to be unapologetically themselves. Their bold, boisterous attitude appeared to baffle the audience, many of whom appeared to be there out of curiosity, or just pure chance.

‘Deep Six Textbook’, the opener from the pair’s debut album was known by most of the crowd, and Let’s Eat Grandma created a surreal experience with their long tangles of hair hiding their wide, staring eyes. Closing the set was ‘Donnie Darko’, an interesting blend of heavy synths and delicate vocals. We saw the girls dancing in the crowd and playing child-like clapping games. Throughout Let’s Eat Grandma’s entire set, there was pure joy on their faces, and each had the surreal ability to anticipate what the other was going to do and react perfectly in time.

Let’s Eat Grandma are two wonderfully talented multi-instrumentalists who have a thought-provoking attitude towards writing music: their collection of new songs is more mature than before, with an edge that only this duo could achieve.


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