Wiegedood - De doden hebben het goed III | Album Review

Wiegedood are a contemporary Black Metal band from Belgium and have recently released their third album in their trilogy De doden hebben het goed III. As a tribute to the loss of a friend, the band are consumed in Death down to their name meaning “Death in the Cradle”. A strong sense of Black Metal before even beginning their music. As a third part of their trilogy there is a climactic edge to be had from the album; to be the best of its predecessors – a name to live up to.

A constant and atmospheric tremolo pick to a firmly held aggression, their music feels deeply rooted in all things traditional Black Metal. The drums offer a tuning that is unique to the harsh and raw recordings of such violence. The aggression is deep routed and constant and appropriately hidden beneath a wave of fire to the distorted and constant rhythms of their guitars. A shriek to the night sky to make it forcefully complete.

Feeling like a Burzum meeting with Carpathian Forest but more recently brought to us by Winterfylleth. There is a definite sense of familiarity. It is deliberately much like a lot of other Black Metal artists and very much a defining element of many bands from the 1990s. It does this effectively and makes for a good slice of evil but this also limits them somewhat. There isn’t much of a sense that anything is being particularly achieved but the outward aggression of a raw and punishing riff played and forgotten.

Spanning four tracks and with an average song length approaching eight minutes, De doden hebben het goed III makes for an ambitious album. The atmospheres take hold and the odd guitar melodies bring each song a sense of melancholy not unlike Immortal. The relentless punishment reaching a far out cry in a tone purely set to evil. Wiegedood’s achievements grow on you in this album – but with time.

Score: 7/10

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