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Deathflux hail from Nottingham, UK and peddle a modern, mechanical take on metal that owes as much to industrial as it does to thrash; a dystopian view of the world channelled through seven tracks of pummelling aggression. The single word track titles embody the single-minded focus of the music and the titles also allude to the dystopian world contained within with titles such as ‘Forsaken’, ‘Consume’ and ‘Bludgeon’.

Debut album Execrated lands with the relentless fury of opener ‘Forsaken’ and doesn’t let up from there. Unbeknownst to this reviewer until recently, the word “execrated” also perfectly encapsulates the theme of Deathflux, meaning to “feel or express great loathing for”, an apt summary of the dystopian themes.

‘Consume’ features some great vocal work with some guttural growls that crop up little but often enough to brutalise ears afresh each time. Other than this, the vocal style across Execrated lends itself more toward the shout-screams more common in thrash and some metalcore. There’s little variety to them but this works for the band’s minimalist take on metal especially given the industrial, mechanical undertones. There’s an almost Slipknot-esque moment around the four-minute mark of third track ‘Devolution’ featuring a near-rapped passage that erupts once more into furious, frenetic riffing.

The album flies by in a blur of fast-paced brutality with only brief forays into slower territory, an unrelenting aural assault that leans heavily on its mechanical stylings and pit-ready neck-snapping speed and almost-breakdowns. The production, despite the modern stylings, is refreshingly rough-edged; every instrument is clearly audible and the mix is well-balanced with guitars and vocals brought forward to lend emphasis. Drums sound driving with a near robotic edge without sounding like a machine and the vocals are vicious with a punk snarl and there’s a real sense of misanthropy running throughout. It’s an incredibly strong opening statement from the band and one that establishes them well as ones to watch in the burgeoning UK metal scene.


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