AxMinister - The Crucible of Sin | EP Review

Canadians seem to have a bit of a knack for metal and if anything, it’s only growing. AxMinister are one such piece of Thrash to come out of this country and do so with a theatrical edge. They like their metal to be ‘Metal!’ and this certainly shows in their music too. Though this, The Crucible of Sin, is their first EP or Album since their debut album back in 2015 – Betray Everything.

Instantly the playful tone is set with a few moans of pleasure to start things off. This carries over to vocal styling that is intrinsically Thrash Metal but has a varied approach. It has an almost fun and fancy-free style to it as it goes over and is sometimes at odds with the music. This makes the band unique whilst also dividing listeners.

The band’s real strength comes in the form of their guitar work with some truly interesting Thrash riffs verging on a sense of rhythmic groove. This compliments the songs in ways that bring them to that ‘Metal!’ perfection they’re trying to reach. Songs like ‘The Trials of Hercules’ and ‘The Succubus and the Crucible of Sin’ are excellent examples of this. Feeling like the peak of the EP and the sound the band want to keep at to reach their audience.

Though the EP’s five songs don’t always hit the mark, The Crucible of Sin manages to be an exciting piece of Thrash Metal. It has a unique touch to it that allows the EP to be memorable, whilst the guitars make it very enjoyable. What you get is something of its own quality, not for anyone but unashamed.

Score: 7/10

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Twitter: @AxMinisterTRIO