With so many contemporary and intriguing musical artists emerging from the area, it’s undeniable that the west country is a hotbed for provocative, enthralling and refreshing music. Whilst there’s simply an uncountable amount of artists who are deserving of being featured within posts like this, Cornwall’s own Hypophora have been raising both eyebrows and smiles all across the region due to their homegrown take on funk and math tinged post-hardcore.

Containing members of the now defunct progressive metal act For The Oracle, the act have been enjoying a steadily growing fanbase within the Cornwall and Bristol regions since self-releasing their debut two track EP in 2016. Titled as Youth|Caught, the release suitably demonstrated their youthful and enthusiastic take on a genre that as been attempted countless times. Since then, the group have released two further singles; 2017’s ‘Headlines’ and the recently released pillar of noise that is ‘Behave!’. These respective tracks saw the group develop and refine their sound in an impressive manner, with the subtle complexity and feverish bounce of ‘Headlines’ and the aggressive buzzsaw of punk orientated noise of ‘Behave!’ winning over new followers up and down the region.

However, the stage is where Hypophora really shine. Due to their subtle technicalities and approachable aesthetics, the group have shared stages with a wide range of acts including Casey, Sløtface, Tigercub, He Is Legend, Kurt Travis (Ex-Dance Gavin Dance) and Thank You Scientist. The group have also performed at a variety of highly esteemed festivals including Tech Fest, Boardmasters and Free For All Festival. Their live sets see’s the group injecting additional and arresting animation to their carefully constructed sound, with the balanced, assured yet fierce vocals of front woman Katie McConnell shining though beautifully. It’s a thoroughly hooking tour-de-force of underground calculated post-hardcore that’s reminiscent of the fervent work of early Marmozets, Press To Meco and Milk Teeth.

Last month saw the group holed up in the studio cooking up their full-length debut, with news of it’s release and details coming in due time. In the meantime, stream their recently released single ‘Behave!’ here and their fantastic single ‘Headlines’ here. It’s only a matter of time before we see this act getting their nails into more distant territories whilst getting Cornwall on the map of contemporary alternative music.