Layover - Your Laughter Never Leaves | EP Review

Birmingham’s emo punks, Layover released their latest piece of work titled Your Laughter Never Leaves earlier this week, and we're here to express what all the fuss is about. After taking a break from writing in 2016 the quartet soon took back the ball, aiming to deliver a piece music that hits all the right heartstrings. Putting pen to paper once again in 2017, vocalist Luke Rainsford expressed in interviews that their initial composition was the band's inspiration for the records title track, revealing that “it's the track that we believe has the strongest message and one we feel a lot of people can relate to across a wide range of situations.”

All the excitement first begun with the release of singles ‘Slumber’ and ‘Hunger Pains’ that really are the main highlights of the record, plastering everything the four piece are about in two very different, eccentric songs. With both instrumental and vocal values particularly reminiscent of British pop punk talent Trash Boat, Layover steal your interest in a heartbeat.

Stringing together a total of five structurally different tracks, Layover have managed to implement everything a pop punk fan wishes to hear into Your Laughter Never Leaves. From the choppy riffs to its upbeat persona - Layover always sound like they're having fun whilst also acquiring the hearts of a more emo audience, with songs that in some areas take a slightly darker and melodramatic path with deeper delving lyrical content.

Your Laughter Never Leaves really is a phenomenal start to the band's next chapter of writing that has the potential to capture a range of marginally different music groups, which with time will attract a whole heap of new fans craving their intelligent sound. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/layoveruk Twitter: @LayoverUK