Fallen Legion - Downfall | EP Review

Canada is no stranger to producing bands all across the rock and metal genre. Now rising through the release of their previous EP Infinite Archive in 2015, Fallen Legion are looking to take another step towards star status with new EP ‘Downfall’.

Opener ‘Cipher’, while being a different approach to the rest of the EP, feels very out of place for ‘Downfall’ as a whole. While its purpose in relation to the other tracks may not be very clear, the static, woodwind style playthrough is still a relaxing opening to a quickfire release. ‘Escapegoat’ brings a good play on words, offering a heavy running theme of cowardice throughout the lengthy track. However, while the track has its good strengths, there’s an inescapale sense of repetition that riddles through the song which creates a difficult atmosphere for the track to stand out in - with so many bands pulling off the same tropes. ‘Injection’ helps incorporate a little difference, with higher screams and backing vocals, giving it a place to stand out, but sadly, like many of the tracks, does fall into a generic definition of modern ‘metalcore’.

However, the true standout track on Downfall is final track ‘New Skin’. Infusing guest vocals from Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), the tracks contrasting elements of Josh Materson’s screams and Lindsay’s clean vocals helps amplify the passion of the track. Even with the rapid pace of the song, no element or section falls behind here, offering a truly great way to end the EP.

Fallen Legion have definitely made an effort to put their best foot forward throughout the runnings of this EP. Far from the pinnacle of what metalcore has to offer at the moment, but still in their infancy - there's plenty established here which can be worked on to establish greater things. Score: 5.5/10