Top 10 Acts To See At Download 2018 - Part 1

We’re almost only 2 weeks away from the world’s most renowned and esteemed annual alternative music event, Download Festival. With the gates welcoming you to the hallowed grounds /muddy fields of Donnington Park opening in the morning of Wednesday 6th of June, this year looks like another one for the history books, with the legendary Guns N Roses headlining alongside Avenged Sevenfold and Ozzy Osborne. However, the undercard for this year is truly something spectacular, with tonnes of fantastic emerging talent taking to the festival’s stages over the course of the weekend. With this in mind, here’s part one of our top 10 acts you would be a fool to miss at Download 2018.

Employed To Serve

Since releasing their quite frankly devastating sophomore

record last year, Employed To Serve have gone from strength to strength in the past year. That aforementioned album, The Warmth Of A Dying Sun, was a record that propelled to the band to new heights due to it’s pummeling brutality, technical prowess and it’s authentic portrayal of the intensity the metallic hardcore movement. It’s a phenomenal record that radiated a sense of legitimate despondency, fury and subtle optimism, which truly becomes animated and contagious during their live sets. The group have been annihilating stages across the continent, performing at highly esteemed events such as 2000 Trees, ArcTanGent and Complexity Fest, with Download Festival next on their hit list. If you’re yet to bare witness to the authentic desolation this band presents, this is a set not worth missing.

What, When? : Avalanche Stage, Friday 8th June

The Hyena Kill

This mancunian two piece have been making waves following the

release of their fantastic Spun EP and are set to bring their unique take on noise rock to Download next month. The group raised eye brows wide and far during their Europe tour in support of the mighty Arcane Roots earlier this year due to their faithful renditions of the grit filled and DIY sensibilities synonymous with their respective genre, whilst making noise rock, a stereotypically foreboding genre, approachable and highly engaging. If you tire of all the glitz and glamour the big guns of the festival are set to bring and are after something more contemporary and intimate, this is the act for you. Expect nothing less of a powerhouse of borderline deafening wall of noise containing the essential grit and energized ambition required to an essential watch.

What, When? : The Dogtooth Stage, Sunday 10th June

Dream State

The noise and hype this welsh post-hardcore outfit has been responsible as of late has been impossible not to notice and yet it’s all for good reason. The group have been enjoying the spoils of breaking forth from the underground following a string of highly successful singles which embody the emotion, hooks and engagement of the genre they master oh so well. Dabbling with technical riffage, pop sensibilities and balanced aggression, it’s hard to compare Dream State to another band who have managed to obtain a personal sound and skill so early in their career. With their latest EP, Recovery, set to thrust them into the highlight, Dream State might be one of this year’s most popular success stories.

What, When? : The Avalanche Stage, Sunday 10th June

Boston Manor

Opening any stage at festival is a daunting experience, even

more so when you’re up opening the main stage at Download Festival. Thousands of fans and attendees gathered to witness the annual inauguration of the greatest rock and metal festival in the known universe. Thankfully, the alt-rock group Boston Manor are well and equipped for such an experience. After breaking free from the restraints of the underground pop-punk scene, the group bedazzled listeners nationwide with their 2016 full length debut Be Nothing. Mature and self aware, the group released a towering monument of pop-punk tinged alt-rock that displayed the infectious and hooking nature of the genre without adhering to the exhausted tropes the scene is occasionally known for. Their live shows mirror this, with each set being a life affirming event radiating a jovial sense of intimacy, invitation and maturity. It’s going to be interesting to see how the group handle such a colossal slot but the group are fully deserving of such a renowned set.

When, Where? : Main Stage, Friday 8th June

Rolo Tomassi

The groups latest offering, Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It,

has already cemented itself as one of the best releases of 2018 and their live production is an absolute spectacle to witness. Blending beautiful and ethereal aesthetics with raw and calculated charges of electrified power, the group have been honing their craft all across Europe and are more than ready to bring their tremendous live show to Donington next month. Expect the elegant harmonies of vocalist Eva Grace to plunge into the depths of sonic extremity, balancing both darkness and light in an awe-inspiring and unparalleled musical experience. Definitely not to be missed by any means.

When, Where?: The Avalanche Stage, Saturday 7th June