Introducing... Written Years

One of the best things about music is how a song can tell us so much in a very short period of time. Whether it is fictional or non-fictional, an outburst or message of calm, an expression of hate or love there is always some kind of message or story behind the song and furthermore behind the artist/band.

Sometimes the story transcends beyond this and upon further research you can find some incredible stories whether that be within the story of the music or the past of the band/artist.

Introducing... Written Years, a Vancouver-based quartet composed of Wade Quellet, Kane Enders, Brian Dyck, and Alex Richardson. During the lengthy recording of Written Years’ forthcoming release, Wade Ouellet (frontman and songwriter) experienced a sudden and unexplained speech loss - causing him to refrain from speaking for months. Through the upward climb in getting his voice back, Ouellet began working in near-isolation on a batch of new material.

The band then enlisted producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale) to help them achieve this new direction. Their debut single, Lost In You Now, was released in 2018.

Written Years have just released their sophomore single, Superficial Feeling. The emotionally-driven anthem was mixed by Jason “JVP” VanPoederooyen (Mother Mother, Ill Scarlett) and showcases the next step for the indie alternative outfit.

Ouellet comments on the track “This song really feels like something special to me and the next step for Written Years. It’s a corrupt little 2 a.m. love song about finding yourself in this strange world.” ... And he isn't wrong, there is something that feels rather special about this song and the combination of dance, pop and rock in an almost shoegaze style makes for fantastic binge listening. Superficial Feeling really does feel special and sets the tone for what could be a very bright future for a band with an extremely interesting story.

You can listen to Superficial Feeling below:

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