I, The Mapmaker - Searching | EP Review

Touted as one of the future forerunners from the recent melodic hardcore resurgence, I, The Mapmaker have shown critics why they both have and deserve the buzz that surrounds them. The south coast quintet have come out all guns blazing with their first release, Searching, an elegantly crafted and superbly mixed effort thanks to the wonders of Lewis Johns.

Right from the offset with the huge, gritty riffs of 'Ghostwalker' all the way through until the closing (and titular) track 'Searching', the band takes you on a journey that explores feelings of rage, sorrow and sadness, mingling the expressions together seamlessly whilst maintaining the same standard and style of music. It is as if Casey and Architects had fused into one whilst keeping every element that gives both band their sound - the result is a pleasing and meticulously written EP that will please both sets of fans.

'Disbelief' stands out as the EP's brightest spark though - initially, as the introduction runs its course, it feels as though it wouldn't be out of place as a pop punk song, before it does a complete 180 and transcends into a beautiful cacophony of heavy, brash and soulful angst. Certainly the heaviest track on the EP, yet also the most emotional and painstaking one too, certainly one to check out.

With festival dates on the books in the near future, be sure to check out this band, as they will certainly be getting higher and higher up lineups in the not so distant future. Don't get into them when it's too late. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/ithemapmaker Twitter: @ithemapmaker