Introducing... Run Maggie Run

Fan of crazy talented vocalists, passion-filled music and sonically driven songs? Good, you are in the right place. Introducing... Run Maggie Run.

Formed in late 2015, Run Maggie Run was the solo project of singer/rhythm guitarist Gavin Rees. While the initial recording was full of emotional feel, a full band line up joined to add to this brooding talent.

Commenting on their progress and what led them here the band state "...we've had a major lineup change, added a variety of new sounds to our repertoire, and have all grown so much – both individually and collectively. These developments, along with the experience gained from the first record, have us very excited for this next chapter in our career."

Now the band have just released "Endlessly", the single to mark the beginning of this new era, the culmination of work that embodies all of these changes and the new level of experience and maturity that they have harnessed. Commenting further the band state "We wrote this tune during the first few months following the lineup change, and the success of writing it definitely helped push us through that awkward, transitional phase. Arguably, it’s what gave us the confidence to keep moving forward."

Lead singer Gavin Rees is quite simply astonishing and wholly captivating. Even in the music video the band ooze confidence and Rees stands at the forefront of that completely lost in the music for the entirety of the song. It is almost mesmerizing. In addition the keys, clean guitar lines and combination of instruments make for a sonically outstanding track that takes multiple listens just to be able to fully appreciate.

All in all it is easy to say that these dudes need to be kept an eye on as their future seems bright!

Check out "Endlessly" and it's amazing accompanying video below:

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