Live Review: Teddy Rocks Festival - Part Two.

Kicking off day two, Weatherstate (8) bring their Descendants influenced, poppy, punk rock to the Vocalzone Stage. Performing to a small crowd at this early time in the day doesn’t affect the band as they sound tight and sound raw but completely polished. Even though the audience turn out wasn’t huge, they clearly pleased the crowd that were there. It’s exciting to see where the band will take their potential in the future. Over to the smallest stage at Teddy Rocks, the up and coming Leamington Spa based band True Heights (7.5) begin their early afternoon set. Taking influence from UK rock bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox, straight away it was clear that their songs were well written and everyone in their 6-piece band had an important place in the performance. There is a strong resemblance to Deaf Havana, especially vocally. They brought the crowd huge energy and a great performance but sadly the stage they were put on seemed to be the wrong choice for them. They played to families sat down throughout the set, so it seemed that they should have been on the Vocalzone or Main stage to fully showcase their sound. However, they showed that they could adapt to the scenario and it proves that they will do well in the future.

Next up were Nervus (9). The Watford based rock band brought the slightly lacking crowd, massively catchy singalongs with their amazingly written groovy songs. The keyboard player of the band brought smiles onto everyone’s faces with his very slick dance moves. It seems that when the band were clearly enjoying themselves, it reflected on to the crowd, especially in this case. Consistently tight, and perfect harmonies during each song, it’s apparent that they will be massive in the future. Definitely one of the best sets of the weekend.

Staying at the Vocalzone stage for Wallflower (9.5). Again, there is a smaller turn out for a band that deserve a packed tent, but this time every single person in the tent was nodding along and looked completely immersed in what the band were playing. The set was performed note for note perfectly. The energy they brought whilst still keeping with the emotional of the songs was impressive. As well as performing a new song which sounded phenomenal. For me, they were easily the best band of the weekend and I hope to see them grow and become the successful band they deserve to be. It’s exciting thinking about where this band will be in the near future. Headlining these kinds of stages hopefully.

Milestones (7) take to the Vocalzone stage next and they come on straight away with high energy and jumps for the next half an hour. Their style of catchy pop punk isn’t unique by any means, but they are definitely confident in what they are playing and that resonates with the audience. It's transparent why their fanbase, and the band themselves, is growing so quickly. It's likely you'll be hearing a lot about these guys in the future.

Closing the weekend on main stage is Ash (7.5). Whilst their legacy is definite within the alt scene, many cynics have pondered if they are worthy for a full headline set. However, they started very strong and got the slightly smaller crowd completely involved and singing along. Midway through the set it began to trail off when they were performing songs lesser known, but finished very strong. They ended with their big hits and a fireworks and pyro display better than the evening prior. Overall their set was enjoyable and when they played the hits, it was a lot of fun. They are definitely a worthy and fun addition to any festival line up.

After the weekend finished, the donations were counted, the site was emptying, and I couldn’t help but think about how far the festival has come in production quality, line up and organisation. It really is a festival for everyone and anyone. I definitely suggest it to anyone wanting a cheap, fun filled weekend with completely varied but consistently good music and a great cause and message behind it. Teddy Rocks is the one for everyone.


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