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When it comes to industrial music, there seems to be a very clear divide. German Industrial is so unique, so powerful and so big. It’s instantly recognisable. The strong beats accompanied by industrial sounds and oomph-esque guitars. Gottwut aren’t long on the scene, coming from 2015 and actually, in a twist, coming from Moscow and not Germany at all. However, the German sound is so inherent to their sound that the influence is unmistakable. Konglomerat is their just released debut album.

As mentioned their influences really shine through on the album non-stop, it’s hard to actually separate them from German Industrial and this isn’t a bad thing. Serving up a steady beat of hard hitting drums and core but simple guitars makes their sound have strength. The hooks lie within the industrial sounds that they put over the top. Sometimes with a little synth but always with a strong melody. This really reaches a height with ‘Fuck Machine’ and ‘B-Side’. The melody almost surprises you as an extra layer to their sound when these songs work for you.

All the while the deep seething vocals give direction and a presence to each song. Again it strongly recalls influences like Megaherz and Rammstein. Singing songs mostly in English but one, the title track, in German further narrows their divide from these bands. But certainly it comes as a strength. Songs like ‘Sin’ and ‘Oil’ show a bit more of the vocalists range as the band takes it from the deep vocal singing to some industrial edged lines.

It isn’t always honey for the band as, for all their strengths, the album remains inconsistent. With many songs falling into the average category whilst others take an obvious step forward. Though this remains to be a minor criticism as when their sound pulls its socks up it makes for some noteworthy songs that will likely start putting Gottwut on the map. With further albums we may well start to see the lesser songs start to fall away as the albums start to take flight.

Gottwut are on strong ground with this album and likely to take more in the future. Well worth a listen for any fans of Industrial music, fighting for the deep roots within their musical influences as a loving send up that also manages to be their own sound. Gottwut will continue, Gottwut will expand, there will be more.

Score: 7.5

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