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Today’s entertainment addicts are constantly yearning for new and exciting content to quench their thirst for any number of reasons and time-frames, usually resorting to the popularisation of over-saturated, sloppy and recycled material being pushed on a daily basis. For artists such as Snow Patrol, the decision to wait and create the art that is right for them shall surely be greeted by a pleasant welcome from fans, with tracks revealing the gut wrenching ending stages of a pain we are all well versed in.

Wildness is an Alternative Indietronica Rock sermon, adding personal commentary on the story arch of a doomed love affair’s final moments, death and resting place. With a narrative so easily accessible and an emotional backbone protruding above all expectations, this new record creates a step by step guide through the dreaded moments before and after a devastating heart break. It’s willingness to tap into such a depressing stage in one’s life, is uplifted by the final message of hope in the midst of those torturous memories with a final aim of achieving forgiveness, joy and tranquillity.

‘Life on Earth’ is an impressively haunting opening track, which places a massive importance on its diary like lyrical content. Its exploration into clawing back a long lost love may be an all too familiar tale, but it can still pack a punch. With all the best and joyous occasions playing in the mind, it can also remind you of the devastating mark left after being pounded into a submissive state of numbness from the loss of a love so profound.

Whereas ‘What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?’ is a simplistic yet incredibly raw piano ballad, questioning the efforts of former paramours and the painstaking admission of how deep a love runs through our veins. The tracks stripped back persona and extreme emotional vulnerability can produce such a state of overwhelming sadness, that the sudden additions of tears will soon be expected and truly warranted.

With an ambiguous nature residing within its lyrics and the focus being on the vocal delivery and understated piano instrumental, ‘What If...’ can easily become a go to song for letting out all of your emotional frustrations in a healthy manner, plus has the perfect balance of heart and disillusionment to appear in endless amounts of breakup blockbuster montages.

The last offering on this intriguing record filled with the difficult struggles of managing our turbulent love lives, offers us a clear line of strength to be found within ourselves for our future happiness. ‘Life and Death’ is a calming yet sweet realisation track, discussing the thoughts and feelings of finally breaking free from our dark pasts. Its message is one of waking up and finding contentment and forgiveness in the eyes of those you longed for so badly, with a distinct emphasis on the power of letting go and allowing a new peaceful perspective to take centre stage.

Wildness offers a true depiction of the progression through the inner workings of one’s mind while in the depths of heart break and the uphill struggle to rebuild what was left behind. The album’s great feats are breathing new life into this much discussed part of human existence, through its stylistic qualities placed firmly into the collision of the new wave indie trends with the classic Snow Patrol charm. With an ability to see both sides of the conflicted narrator, its purpose can be perceived as a signifier of light shining through an emotional hurricane. With so many listeners growing tired of face value and naive interpretations of love and heartache, there will be little to no complaints of this when you experience the newly invigorated Snow Patrol. Score: 8/10

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