Blood Worship - Death's Omnipotence | EP Review

Sufficed to say that the quality of Metal coming out of Scandinavia has always been high. They just seem to breath something a lot darker. Sweden’s Blood Worship is no exception. A new band to the scene with Death Omnipotence being their first EP coming out June 15th, they none-the-less show promise.

What immediately radiates from the EP is the confidence with which it is produced and played. It knows exactly what it wants to be and without hesitation. A sort of God Dethroned vocal styling over the top of even more tremolo picking to give waves of guitars in a similar way to Watain. This EP feels like a scathing effort by the band to make a mark.

Despite the speed of their playing making for a force to be reckoned with throughout most of the EP, final song ‘Shadows Etched in Stone’ show their versatility as they allow a slower and more melodic stance. What is great to see is how easily they flow from one type of playing to another. The title track ‘Death’s Omnipotence’ feels like the sum of its parts as a fierce piece of music in itself.

Death’s Omnipotence sees for promising beginnings for the band. It is of no surprise that they were formed with members of Astrophobos and Fleshgod Apocalypse. There is a maturity to the music that isn’t normally found on first releases. A promising start for a delicious piece of Black Metal.

Score: 8/10

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