INTERVIEW - Stand Atlantic's Bonnie Fraser & David Potter

Photo courtesy of Devil PR.

We sat down with Bonnie Fraser (Stand Atlantic, Guitar/Vocals) and David Potter (Stand Atlantic, Bass) before their set at this years Slam Dunk Midlands festival to talk about their touring bucket list, their EP "Sidewinder" and their upcoming plans!

Noizze: Welcome Stand Atlantic, this is your third day and your first time at Slam Dunk! How does this compare to festivals over in Aus?

David Potter: We’ve never really played a festival in Aus

Bonnie Fraser: this is the first festival we’ve ever played. Except for Galaxy Camp but that’s in Germany

D: I think it’s because a lot of our festivals in Aus have been left in the wayside in recent years.

B: But yeah it’s been really really cool!

N: Who’s been your band to watch out for over the weekend?

B: Citizen have been really good to watch, Creeper have been really sick too.

D: Yeah I’m putting my money on them (Creeper) being the next big big thing. Also they’re just really lovely people as well

N: So you’re signed to Rude Records... How did that come about? Do you think trying to make it as a band is harder in Australia compared to the US or the UK? Is the industry different?

B: I’m not sure… The industry is different, yeah, like the scene in Aus is different when you’re starting out locally. The way Rude came on board- once we wrote our EP our manager came on board then he kind of put us in contact with rude and that happened, then it all just snowballed from there really.

N: So you previously toured with state Champs not too long ago, they’re here today! Is there anyone on the Slam Dunk line up that you’d love to tour with- bucket list wise?

B: Everyone that’s here, I’m not gonna lie, haha!

D: we could literally list through every name on the bill, even Northlane.

N: So your most recent release was your EP Sidewinder which is your title track. I can imagine you’ve done this 100 times, can you explain for our readers what Sidewinder the song is about?

B: Yeah of course! Um, I’m trying to think now, It’s essentially just kind of like changing yourself for someone else when it’s not necessary and you’re just forcing something that’s not going to actually work, so you’re just letting go of that.

N: so you’ve receive quite a lot of hype the last couple of years with Kerrangs! Hottest band of 2018 and Rock Sound’s top 50 albums in 2017 etc... so how does that feel in the terms of pressure vs excitement and gratification?

B: It’s equal, very equal! We’ve been writing a lot recently.

D: It’s put a lot of pressure on the next release like “what if it’s not good enough!”

B: Like trying to top it I guess because of everyones exceptions. I guess we’ve got a lot of eyes on us in a sense, not to sound cocky or anything.

So the pressure is definitely on but at the same time we’re doing all these amazing things so it makes us want to work harder and make sure the next we do is a step up.

N: Not to add to that pressure at all, but when can fans expect to hear new music from you guys?

B: This year!

N: Is it going to be in the form of an EP or a full length album?

B: I could not tell you, I'm sorry, under lock and key!

N: What was it that got you into music originally? Was it a trait passed on from a parent or a hobby?

B: For me personally my dads a musician so it was something I fell into and it was something I never gave on. I’ve had jobs and stuff and I’ve studied but it’s been like “nah, nah, nah” the bands been the only thing I’ve stuck to.

D: Mine was just fun… I literally have no other reason to do it, like my brother started playing in high school and I was just like “Well… that looks fun!” Then I joined and now I’m here for some reason despite the mediocre at best guitar playing abilities!

N: It’s been great speaking to you guys but that’s all we’ve really got time for today- is there anything you’d like to give a shout out to/for before we wrap up?

B: Just thank you for listening!

D: We’re coming to pretty much wherever you live besides Brazil I guess-

B: We’re out in the US with Neck Deep then straight of over to the UK and EU with State Champs, seaways and Woes

D: Then after that we’re back to Aus with Neck Deep!

B: We’ll see you guys soon!