Cut Short - Impersonal | EP Review

Let’s get straight to the point: Impersonal, the debut EP by Cut Short. It bangs. This four piece are set to burst onto the scene with their barrage of darkly toned, choppy metalcore influenced noise. The industrial machine-like introducing riff of opening track ‘Manic’ coupled with vocalist Harry Benyons distressed vocals, hitting the mark somewhere between the styles of Crystal Lake's Ryo Kinoshita and Thornhill's Jacob Charlton, is sure-fire enticement material. Right before heavy hitting second serving ‘Solitary’ , the first single released by the band, slams in with a more melodically driven, ambient sounding bridge segment and chugging doomy ending riff dished out by guitarist Mikey Anderson. ‘Psychosomatic’, the second single released off the EP is particularly interesting, with its mix of strained, yet still bordering more over on the clean side, vocals; and a more brutal, pounding deployment of drumming and guitar work. This is an emotionally driven track that is sure to be a fan favourite for the live circuit as time goes on.

‘Null’ has some creepy undertones, mirroring the aura of earlier music from Cane Hill or Marilyn Manson. This is a definite positive; Harrys visceral vocal style and the production that presents a more sinister vibe within this song definitely highlight it as standout material that could set them apart from many other bands trying to emerge through the cracks of the industry. Closing with the sombrely chorused ‘Exonerated’, it’s clear that Cut Short have put raw and intense emotional output at the heart of what they do, which, as bands like Beartooth and Architects have proven, is often a recipe for success. Hitting home where it counts and giving listeners a place to belong enveloped within the lyrics of the songs.

A short and sweet ripper of an EP, Impersonal indicates a strong start for Cut Short, who have already been getting out there playing shows with other revered acts such as Lotus Eater and Carcer City. They’re sure to be tearing up venues and climbing up the notoriety ladder all over the UK soon, keep your eyes and ears trained on these. [7/10]

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