Centauro – Daño Colateral | Album Review

The problem with Thrash Metal is that, despite some absolutely fantastic bands, they generally live by play it fast. Unfortunately, this leaves many bands sounding very similar as they attempt to almost out-do each other in speed with very similar guitar riffs. Certainly not applicable to all Thrash and there are many that really break through it with some memorable and powerful efforts. Centauro are one of the bands that keep things interesting. Coming from Mexico and being one of the few Metal bands that keep the language to their mother tongue may make it a start, but with their new album, Daño Colateral, there may be more.

So, with all Thrash there is certainly a lot of energy that’s poured into the way that the band plays their music. A sort of Metal with a bit more of an ‘umph’. This certainly true for Centauro but surprisingly, they don’t rely on tried and true formulas to keep their sound interesting. The memorable songs have a lot of speed but have almost groove like riffs to top them off. Furthermore, there are certain periods of atmospheric guitars to build up a sense of what will happen next. ‘Extenuante cometido’ makes for one such example, bringing the band’s sound to the forefront with strong riff after powerful riff. What works with other songs just collected into one song.

Yes, we’ve covered that they sing in Spanish and this is instantly recognisable and makes them unique. However, just saying so implies that it’s just a gimmick and that there’s not much more to them. Their vocalist keeps the Thrash shouts a bit more melodic in tone but still angry and appropriate. This keeps the songs different from each other and makes for more memorable tracks throughout the album. For example, the chorus of ‘Sentencia de Muerte’ has an insistent quality to it. Whilst this is said, whether stylistic or not, the production values go for a messy appeal. This somewhat compliments their sound as it keeps it chaotic but often consequently feels unfocused.

This actually brings Daño Colateral into a better light within Thrash. Something that, if included in a mess of Thrash, will shout out to you. Centauro have given this album a great amount of effort and will surely reach new audiences with this album as they steadily rise.

Score: 8/10

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