Modern Comforts - Restless Youth | EP Review

Midlands based band Modern Comforts released their brand new EP Restless Youth earlier this month, which is something all fans of rock and roll should be excited for. Playing shows constantly across their hometown of Burton-on-Trent for the past two years, and other surrounding areas - Modern Comforts currently dominate their local music scene, proving to many they are an ambitious and striving young band with a combined talent that continues to grow. Whilst much current day rock and roll is labelled “cliché” and new acts instantly being shot down as “gimmicks”, Modern Comforts are one of few smaller bands that prove the genre is still alive and kicking. Using the simplicity of classic indie rock as their glue and the sharpness and aggression of today's slightly heavier influences as a finesse - the four piece have crafted an addictive listening experience, only teasing at what heights they could exceed to in the future.

Starting song and lead single ‘Get Away for the Weekend’ really paints a clear picture for what the seven track EP holds. Holding efficaciously addictive instrumental values from bold, blood thirsty riffs to loud, raucous drumming bound to get your head swinging, the track represents nothing but good times. With much of the EP seeming very reminiscent to earlier work of the Arctic Monkeys with its instrumental values and youth themed lyrical content, any fan of typical indie rock music will be a sucker for this British quartet’s sound. ‘Dirtbox’ is definitely another highlight of the record which takes a slightly darker sounding route to the other tracks, pushing a deep bass line that drives the track forward, a pure chant along anthem.

Taking into consideration this is the four pieces debut EP, Modern Comforts truly have proven themselves to be a band with raw talent and flair, that people should keep a close eye on in the future. Overall a superb effort that will hopefully lead to more impressive creations in the not so distant future.

Score: 9/10