Introducing...Ronin 浪人

U.K. based Music producer Ben Lynch, otherwise known by his stage name Ronin has been breaking through the online music scene for numerous years now. Tackling everything from: feisty instrumental led metalcore, to dubstep, hard-hitting rap, and everything in between, Ronin is an artist certainly not afraid to escape his comfort zone and dip his feet into divergent water.

Taking his first steps into a musically driven life by picking up a guitar, Ben fell in love with the alternative music scene, soon leading him to assemble a number of bands throughout his youth that focused on molding metal/hardcore material. Soon discovering the art of music production through his studies, Ben broadened his horizons by making his mark on popular music streaming platform SoundCloud. It was here the alterego Ronin was born for him to individually experiment with new ideas, solo projects, and anything wacky and wonderful he could sink his innovative claws into.

Producing a number of completely different projects over time, it is clear Ronin is someone who isn't shy of a challenge, nor one to back down from an ambitious idea that may take that smidge of extra graft. Often combining an array of obverse musical genres together: like the computerized instrumental values of dubstep mixed with the vocal aggression of hardcore for instance, Ronin aims to make the unimaginable work in a desperate attempt to bring something fresh to the underground music scene that so little people are doing and doing well.

With the forthcoming release of his new single ‘Conquerer’ being released soon, ahead of his new album ‘The Days We Fall Silent’ out on July 14th, Ronin takes a different approach to his other creations having moulded a seven track ambient masterpiece, that follows a slightly darker heartfelt path. It is one of his most musically technical creations to date that simply cannot be labelled as one straight genre due to its fuse of so many contrasting influences.

With the visible amount of dedication he has solo handily put into create this record, it is clear he is a young musician/producer with immense talent and passion for the pieces that he forges, and has a genuine love and understanding of music as a whole. Overall, Ronin is an artist that has great potential to succeed and anyone with a varied taste in music should definitely check out as I guarantee he will not disappoint. In mean time, check out 'Smokecatcher' below.