Fangclub - True Love | EP Review

Irish grunge outfit Fangclub just dropped their blistering new EP, True Love, and it's safe to say there's never been a better time to check out this incredible up and coming band.

Lets start by addressing the elephant in the room: Yes, opening track 'Knife' DOES in fact sound like the second coming of Nirvana, and as commonly as that may be said about many modern grunge influenced artists, this is truly as close as you are going to get to the glory days when the genre reigned supreme across the airwaves, blaring out of your TV speakers on MTV. The trio of Irishmen have managed to pull off snarling vocal capability and infectiously catchy riffs for maximum mosh pit to singalong ratio, on par with other high energy music outfits such as Pulled Apart By Horses or Dinosaur Pile-Up (and it's safe to say if you like either of those bands, then Fangclub is definitely a band for you!). There's a lot of sounds borrowed from other genres on this album too, with 'Smother' featuring guitar work that wouldn't seem out of place if it was put out by The Hives, and 'Heart Is A Landmine' combining dark, gloomy riffs with early era emo genre vibes coursing through the lyrical content. There's plenty of elements present here to keep your audio receptacles entertained.

A particular highlight on the 5 track release comes from fourth song 'Sweater Forever', an undeniably brilliant callback to early Weezer material, with twangy guitar sounds and an underlying, irresistible bassline to nod your head along to. This song is the one to get your lighters and phone lights out too, the one everyone's gonna sing back live and sway back and forth, before picking the pace back up again on the headbang ready, rock steady final track 'High'. Frontman and lead guitarist Steven King has demonstrated an affluence of musical prowess, be it in his lyrical content, vocal ability or riff construction methods, him and his bandmates Kevin Keane (Bass) and Dara Coleman (Drums) have concocted something they should be very, very proud of. If this band doesn't go on to great things one day, we'll eat our collective hats!

Score: 9/10

True Love is available now via Virgin EMI Records. Limited vinyl pressings are released on July 14th and are available to pre-order here.