Orchards - Losers/Lovers | EP Review

Math pop. If common ignorant stereotypical perceptions are to be believed, these two respective musical genres can’t co-exist or interlace for they are polar opposites. Of course, such a belief is an absolute fallacy, with many innovative acts from around the globe channeling both of these genres to create inventive work. One such UK act who has created a sound that is the product of an amalgamation of these genre’s is Brighton’s Orchards, an act who has tantalisingly been releasing trickles of sugar coated math pop over the past several years. Now on the verge of releasing their first EP, an offering titled Losers/Lovers containing all their work thus far plus a collection of new tracks, the group delightfully diverge into more contemporary pop territories whilst still retaining the left-field experimentation that made them so exciting to begin with.

Opener and lead single ‘Luv You 2’ stands a fantastic mission statement for the act, displaying joyful candy coated pop sensibilities underlined by subtle contemporary math ideologies. However, the expanding and killer melodies reign dominant and the primary focus of this record. Whilst the trifecta of tracks released prior to this release showcased their focus on contemporary alt-pop aesthetics, the new material found within this release is very much fixated on bringing helplessly catchy melodies into the forefront, taming such experimental structures where required to allow the delightfully infectious melodies present to breathe and dance freely. The end result is a collection of exotic scented tracks of a sunny disposition that present some of the most helplessly jovial melodies to be found within the respective scene Orchards inhabit.

From the innocent bumblebee buzz of ‘Be Here’ to the sunset tropics of ‘Double Vision’ all the way to the youthful experimentation within the previously released tracks ‘Peggy’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Darling’, this a glittery portfolio of experimentation and refined excitement. Fear not, for the contemporary math ideology is still evidently blanketing, with producer Thomas Le Beau Morley (TTNG, Delta Sleep) ensuring such mathematical leanings are evident and complimentary to the dominant pop tendencies whilst all being subtle in nature. In all, Losers/Lovers is destined to be the perfect feel good summer pop record for the contemporary conscious and one that is abound to respected and loved among a whole range of scenes and musical movements.

Score: 8/10

Losers/Lovers is released the 6th of July via Big Scary Monsters