The 2000 Trees Survival Guide

Photo: Gareth Bull

Oh my days, we are only a few days away from one of the most celebrated, renowned and loved festivals within the UK, 2000 Trees. The past few years have seen the festival explode in stature, with many praising it for it’s emphasis on nurturing emerging talent, laid back communal atmosphere and avoidance of corporate elements. With this year boasting what is arguably it’s biggest line up thus far, with At The Drive-In, Twin Atlantic and Enter Shikari topping the bill, the festival is looking at it’s biggest and busiest event so far. With that in mind, here’s our top 8 tips to ensure you make the most out of your trip into the heart of the Cotswolds!

It’s Probably Going To Be Hot

Unless you’ve been sat in your bedroom with the curtains drawn for the past several weeks listening to ambient drone, you’ve probably noticed that it’s currently rather warm outside. Like, a little too warm for some. If you were present at the 2017 festival, you might remember the weather being blistering all weekend long, with various attendees tapping out after believing lukewarm tins of Carling are a suitable source of hydration. With 2018 looking to be even hotter, you’re going to want to stay hydrated. Various water spots are dotted around the festival and believe me, you’re going to be visiting them quite frequently. Yeah, you’re probably going to want to go hard, but you’re not going to be impressing anyone when you’re laid up in the medical tent suffering from mad heat stroke.

Campfire Rock

Whilst many festivals divide their campsites into areas typically labelled by colour, 2000 Trees does no such thing. However, there are a multitude of community created hubs within the campsites going by the names of Camp Turner, Camp Reuben and Camp Marwood. Whilst these 3 camps were originally established by friends many moons ago, over the years these camps have grown to become communal centres set up by groups of likeminded and creative fans. What’s amazing is that these camps now host artist performances after the headliners and before the billed acts. For example, last year Wallflower played a late night set of acoustic Weezer covers and Beach Slang performed an impromptu acoustic set within one of the campsites. One year even saw Frank Turner playing a set of drunken Reuben covers. So far this year, Nervus, Ghouls, Luke Rainsford, Sean McGowan, Dave McPherson and many more have confirmed that they’ll be playing late night shows within the campsites, with many more surprises sure to come. What’s the best way to find out the details of these lucrative sets I hear you ask? Simply visit one of the campsites and ask! The locations of these sites should be marked on maps within the festival.

Don’t Be A Slob

When it’s not hosting the best alternative artists from across the globe, Upcote Farm is a family run farm and an environmentally sensitive area. With that in mind, treat it with respect; you’re not a sixteen year old kid who has just passed their GCSE’s and are on their way to their first weekend away without parental supervision. Don’t be part of that group of twats who chooses to camp around a fermenting pile of rubbish and empty tinnies. Honestly, me and your mother would be very disappointed in you.

Come Join The Feast

Whilst most large scale corporate festivals typically have the fleet of burger vans of dubious quality and a solitary token vegan stand, 2000 Trees takes pride in it’s catering options, hosting a large range of interesting, sustainable, environmentally aware and independent food options. On top of that, there’s plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available, ensuring that everyone can find something delicious regardless of their dietary requirements. However, for the ‘trve’ festival foodie, 2000 Trees will be hosting the Forest Feast; a 3 course meal situated within an immersive natural environment filled with interesting characters that will you enchant you with their tales. Tickets need to be pre-purchased and are available on the Trees website.

Photo: Gareth Bull

Party Hard (With Consideration For Your Neighbors)

Potentially one of the most fun attractions at 2000 Trees is the annual silent disco. Taking place on the Friday and Saturday night at the Main Stage and The Cave, it see’s 2 DJ’s at each stage going head to head to win over a crowd donning headphones. It’s honestly a sight to behold with the entire festival partaking in the fun and there’s nothing greater than taking your headphones off to hear thousands of people singing Taking Back Sunday songs dreadfully to no audible music. Whilst the music is silent, the thousands of jeering punters is far from quiet. With this in mind, you might want to camp away from The Cave if you value your slumber. Headphones are available onsite for a refundable £10 deposit.

So Many Stages, So Little Time

Whilst you might be familiar with the 4 main stages present at Trees (Main Stage, The Axiom, The Cave and The NEU stage) there are in fact many more stages at 2000 Trees. The Forest, as you can imagine, is a beautiful performance area situated within enclosed woodlands and will host stripped back acoustic sets all weekend from a manner of artists (Checkout our top 5 Forest Sessions!). Under The Bridge Records will also be hosting a stage this year, with artists such as Nervus, Ghouls, Lucinda Livingstone of Kamikaze Girls and more performing late night sets. On top of this, there will also be a dedicated Frightened Rabbit busking area in remembrance of Scott Hutchinson, who tragically passed on earlier this year.

It’s important to note that The Axiom and The Cave don’t clash and are only a stone’s throw away from one another. Also, fun fact: The Axiom is named as a homage to the infamous Cheltenham venue of the same name that shut it’s doors in 2000.

The Future Of Festival Consumerism

As you’re probably aware, 2000 Trees is going entirely cashless this year. Whilst the organisers have promised there will be no repeats of the whole ‘Download 2015’ fiasco (if you were there, you know), no vendor or stall will accept physical money or chip and pin. Before setting off ensure that your balance is topped up and consider enabling the ‘auto top up’ option to ensure that you always have money in your account. Whilst their will be top up points dotted around the festival, you don’t want to be spending valuable festival time fiddling with your card in a half drunken and sunburned state.

Bees? Bees!

Like every year thus far, 2000 Trees will be hosting an annual fancy drees competition on the Saturday. Whilst theme last year was ‘2000 Leagues Under The Sea’, this year it’s simply ‘2000 Bees’. Like all good competitions, prizes are up for grabs and participants must register on the day to in the running. The winners will be announced on the main stage on Saturday afternoon and it’s up to you how you interpret the theme. Just don’t go around stinging people.