A Scar for the Wicked - The Unholy | EP Review

The third EP by Deathcore Canadians A Scar for the Wicked reads a lot like a band further down the line. Production values are high on The Unholy, and surprisingly it’s an abnormally long EP at seven tracks. The whole thing screams like an album but, as of yet, we have yet to see the band debut in such affairs.

What we do get offers a quite energetic and brutal take on the Deathcore genre, taking many queues from Death Metal. Vocals can be the screaming of typical Deathcore with the deep grunts of Death Metal in a way that actually recalls Deicide at times. Guitar work remains fast with riffs going from Heavy and fast to quick stabs at something more melodic. This always remains fast but also offers the band a chance to make songs more memorable.

Despite this their problem lies within the impact that the songs have from each other. Songs often remain quite similar for the first part of the EP, delighting without making you get up or even recall the songs. There is a slight sense of atmosphere built in later songs ‘Darkness Approaches’ and ‘The Unholy’ but it remains a small hurdle for the start of the EP.

By no means is this a great insult to the band. The whole EP works as a collective and, as duly noted, the EP feels much bigger than just an EP for the band. Perhaps A Scar for the Wicked are a band to take note of within the Deathcore scene, then again, maybe not. We’ll likely see more from them in upcoming years either year – and hopefully it’ll be just as accomplished.

Score: 7/10

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Bandcamp: asftwband.bandcamp.com