Bloodstock Open Air 2018 - Top Ten Bands To See Pt. 2

Part two of our feature on the Top 10 Bands to See at Bloodstock this year is here and once again we're featuring some crazy good bands performing over the weekend!

King Leviathan

King Leviathan hail from the seaside town of Brighton and sound the exact opposite of a day at the beach. SInce forming in 2014, the cult have performed their Black Masses in dedication to the Old Gods at Bloodstock 2015, Mammothfest 2014, 15 and 16 as well as on tours supporting bands such as Abhorrent Decimation, Spartan and Stone Circle. The band released critically acclaimed debut Paean Heritica through Infernum Records in August 2017 but have sadly since announced their dissolution following their current run of shows. Fans of misery, ferocity and speed - do not miss this farewell tour. As the band themselves sign off:

There is no light. The age of darkness has come.

Worship the Old Gods.


The future of British extreme progressive metal lies in safe hands with genre-bending upstarts Conjurer. Their debut release Mire is a stunning listen, combining Opeth at their heaviest and most dynamic, Mastodon at their earliest and Gojira at their most venomous and truly earn the band a place on the ones-to-watch-for list. Despite being a fairly young band they’ve already played tours with Weedeater, Employed To Serve, Venom Prison, Oathbreaker, along festival appearances at Bloodstock, Damnation Fest and TechFest amongst others. Miss at your peril.


Winners of the “Best New Band” category at this year's Golden Gods are Japan’s power metal mavens, Lovebites. Citing influences from Iron Maiden to Anthrax to Sodom, bassist and band leader Miho commented: “I really wanted to perform heavy metal in a band with other women, and create the kind of music that even non-metal fans would say ‘wow, metal is so cool’ about.” The band channel a classic heavy metal sound that kicks some serious ass; debut album Awakening From Abyss was an incredibly strong first statement that has helped put the band on the power metal map and the only way now is up.


Critical darlings and rising stars of the doom scene, Pallbearer emerged from Little Rock, Arkansas in 2012 with debut Sorrow and Extinction but it was on follow-up Foundations of Burden that the band truly knocked it out of the park. Third album Heartless continues their proud tradition of classic doom fused with prog tendencies and a warm, enveloping sound that ensnares all who hear it. Moving on from metaphysical to more grounded lyrics, the band continue to effortlessly translate pure emotion into music that moves all that hear it. Tracks such as ‘I Saw the End’ and ‘A Plea for Understanding’ were just made for huge stages as well as gloomy clubs and you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice not to check them out at Catton Hall this August.


You can’t talk about modern extreme metal without mentioning the French metal behemoth that is Gojira. Since 2005’s breakout From Mars To Sirius, the band have only gone from strength to strength, their monstrous, grooving take on death metal snapping necks and obliterating crowds the world over. The band’s environmentally conscious message has clearly struck a nerve and helps drive them onward and their dedication to their craft continues to drive them ever forward, always evolving. Still basking in the afterglow of the rapturously-received and incredibly adventurous Magma, Gojira return to Bloodstock once more to level the festival. You’d be very hard pressed to find any metallers who don’t like Gojira and this year looks set to be another resounding affirmation of their status as one of metal’s greatest bands.


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