Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare | Album Review

Hailing from Salt Lake City, the rowdy deathcore mob that is Chelsea Grin announced in January that they would be entering the studio to begin recording their upcoming album, Eternal Nightmare. The good ol’ days of Chelsea Grin saw the likes of the blood curdling albums that where Desolation Of Eden and My Damnation making Chelsea Grin one of the biggest deathcore titans around, that made us want to destroy a building using nothing but our foreheads. Following these however came Ashes to Ashes and Self Inflicted, records which saw the boys start to favour synth tracks and a more repetitive formula which left fans pulling a slightly De Niro looking face while listening to such records.

April of 2018 also saw the departure of vocalist Tom Koehler along with guitarists Jake Harmond and Dan Jones during the recording process of Eternal Nightmare. To most it would seem like Chelsea Grin was landing on some very bleak times leaving fans wondering what the state of the new album was going to be in.

Leaving fans worried for the state of it all Chelsea Grin took to Twitter to reassure fans with statement “It is without hesitation our meanest, darkest, heaviest and most evil and honest creation to date” and announcing that ex - Lorna shore vocalist Tom Barber would be taking over for vocals and dropping single ‘Dead Rose’ things seem to be looking up for Chelsea Grin.

Eternal Nightmare, to many people, would appear to be the long awaited resurrection of Chelsea Grin. However the first two singles, ‘Dead Rose’ and ‘Hostage’, fail to deliver a lasting impact with both singles seeming to miss the mark with the repetitive guitar chugs and an uninspired breakdowns. Ultimately, such tracks feel like they're swelling to an breakdown of epic proportions but instead just leaving us feeling a little unsatisfied.

However, this isn’t to say that Eternal Nightmare is not worth a listen. Tracks such as ‘Nobody Listened’ and ‘9:30am’, highlights and utilises that insane vocal performance from Tom Barber, accompanied by the remainder of Chelsea Grin showing us that not all is lost and deathcore as a genre for them is absolutely not dead or lost on them. However, this something that there should have been more of on the album rather than this sort of tortured poetry and uninspired tracks reminiscent of mallcore type culture in a good portion of the tracks.

Eternal Nightmare granted is not the worst thing to come from Chelsea Grin. Far from it and is certainly a step in the right direction. However, whilst the overall record holds a few decent tracks it ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression, with a majority of the album feeling generic and unoriginal.

Score: 5/10 Facebook: /ChelseaGrinMetal/ Twitter: @ChelseaGrinUT