Trash Boat - Crown Shyness | Album Review

Just when we all thought the UK's pop punk scene was at its peak, St Albans boys Trash Boat kick it up a notch, with upcoming release, Crown Shyness.

Taking a step back from the generics of pop punk, this album holds minimal connotations of hometown sadness and upset, but rather a much darker and depressive state of mind. However, those bouncy riffs and upbeat vocals still take a small spot on this impressive release.

Album opener 'Inside out' is undoubtedly the biggest single on this release – mixing hardcore-laced vocals with choppy guitars gives a heavy edge to their unique sound. This hardcore influence works wonders throughout the album, with tracks like 'Controlled Burn' pairing front man Tobi Duncan's screams with heavy riffs to create three minutes of pure angst.

As the album progresses, there is absolutely no compromise on this heavier sound – 'Don't Open Your Eyes' encapsulates their classic pop punk sound whilst roughening up a few riffs and basslines. The same can be said for 'Old Soul', which takes Duncan's vocal to a whole new level. The ferocity that these guys are bringing is certainly a game changer in this scene.

Connotations of being lost and frustrated are the key to this album, especially with the title track. The sincerity that seeps through Duncan's vocals makes it hard to not fall in love with this song. The same can be said for album closer, 'Love,Hate,React,Relate' – the apparent upset and frustration that ranges from soft vocals to angry screams ignites emotions that not many bands can perfect.

It's certain that these tracks will go down a treat when performed live. This album oozes diversity in an extremely saturated scene and is an exceptional coming of age release that these guys should be proud of. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/TrashBoatUK Twitter: @TrashBoatUK