Wölfblood – Nightriders | EP Review

The freshly spawned Danish band Wölfblood, have recently offered us their EP Nightriders. This little send up marks a lot of their point and helps to define them. Their energy is unrestrained at they certainly manage a genre true but unique offering.

Sloppy in outlook but with energy every which way and that. Wölfblood are everything Rock n Roll redefined through speed-like Thrash down to rushed riffs and rough as hell vocals. Guitars and drums occasionally licking their tributes to Rock. It is still music played fast and rough as if having fun but knowingly unknowing what to do with themselves – like a drunk guy at a party. This gives them a charm and removes it. Despite an intro that’s much darker than the EP, they fall straight into their most accomplished thrown together mix with ‘Rot N Roll’ – quite defining even by the title. The rest of the EP is a lot more of the same and never quite with a direction. It’s interesting how fun this can be with elements of both memorable and annoying at once. Perhaps it’s good that the whole EP is over in 15 minutes. It was great to be here but we’re off now.

Score: 6/10 Facebook: /Wölfblood-1735635233341107 Bandcamp: wolfblood.bandcamp.com


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