Black Peaks: The 2000 Trees Interview

Photo: Gareth Bull

Never the ones to shy away from a trip to Upcote Farm, the progressive metal juggernauts Black Peaks returned to 2000 Trees for the fourth time this year. We sat down with Will Gardner (vocals) and Liam Kearley (drums) ahead of their Cave headline set to discuss their forthcoming album, and all things 2000 Trees.

Hi guys, how are you guys feeling about coming back to 2000 Trees and headlining The Cave this year?

Both: Amazing.

Liam: It’s just really special, to start off on that stage and to be coming back and headlining.

Will: Especially now we’re back here today, and there’s all these amazing bands playing this afternoon, it’s really starting to sink in for me that it’s a big thing.

What bands are you guys going to be catching later on then?

Will: Well I really wanted to see Palm Reader, Black Foxxes...

Liam: Press to Meco are playing right now. I mean, we’ll probably be busy while all the bands are playing unfortunately, just because we’re doing press or setting up. Marmozets would be the one for us but we’re setting up.

Will: Yeah Marmozets, Arcane Roots.

Liam: Okay it would be Arcane, Marmozets, us, At The Drive In, so it’s a bit of a push.

So what do smaller festivals like this one mean to bands like you guys?

Will: It’s massive. It’s really weird, I don’t think of this as a small festival at all. It’s a very prestigious festival, but it’s small in terms of the numbers.

Liam: It’s 10,000. This year is the biggest it’s ever been.

Will: Yeah, so it’s 10,000 so it’s not a small festival at all.

Liam: It’s a right of passage for any alternative rock band to play here. When we got our first offer we were like amazed.

Will: We sent them so many emails, we sent like four CDs over to James (2000 Trees organiser) and he never listened. Then six months later we’re his favorite band!

So you guys have got an album coming out in October. What sort of stuff can we expect from that?

Will: Super heavy. Super loud. The choruses are really poppy. Catchier, heavier, bigger, better, faster, harder, stronger Black Peaks!

What was the creative process like for that, was it different to your debut album?

Will: Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?

Liam: Yeah, I think the first time around we had no intention of writing an album.

Will: No, we just got told! We kind of got told “you need a first album out”.

Liam: We were like “okay, cool!” We already had most of the songs written and we wrote some more. This time we were like “cool, we wanna write some more songs, let’s keep writing”. And then it was a similar kind of way of writing stuff. It was very natural and very fast; things moved quite quickly in the rehearsal room from being one idea to another idea, to a song in like one practice! “Intense” is the word I’d say.

So finally, you guys have got a headline tour, what sort of stuff are you planning for that? Is there anything special..?

Will: All new material, no old songs!

Liam: Nah, not at all. We’re going to be mixing it up, it’ll be like two thirds new stuff, and then the classics.

Will: The classics?

Liam: Black Peaks “best of”!

Will: Yeah, yeah best of!

Liam: ‘Glass Built Castles’.

Will: ‘Say You Will’

Liam: And that is all (laughs). No, it’ll be a mixed bag

We can't wait, cheers lads!

Black Peaks release their second album All That Divides on October 5th via Rise Records. The group are set to perform at this year's Fat Lip, ArcTanGent, Reading & Leeds, Mcmillan and Underground Festivals before touring the UK later this year alongside Bossk and Gold Key. Dates can be found below.