Press To MECO: The 2000 Trees Interview

Photo: Dom Meason

Londoners Press to MECO released their second album, Here’s to the Fatigue earlier this year, and we caught up with them between their sets at 2000 Trees Festival to chat about writing music, playing shows, and who was worth watching at the festival.

Hey guys, how did you find your set?

Lewis: It was great!

Luke: Yeah, we really enjoyed it!

You’re playing The Forest tomorrow, how is it playing full sets then switching to the stripped back stuff?

Luke: Yeah it’s cool!

Adam: We don’t do it too much, so it’s a nice thing to experiment with and actually spend some time on getting it all together so yeah, it’s cool, it’s exciting! That stage over there is cool as well because people are always chilling out there for the whole weekend so you’re guaranteed to play to some people and it’s a good little vibe around there.

Do you find that people are more inclined to check out new artists at festivals such as this?

Lewis: Yeah, I think normally it’s because they’ve heard their friends talk about you and this is the type of festival where people are actually willing to check new bands out. If they’ve heard the name pop up, they’ll be like - they’ll wanna go to the set.

Adam: All the stages are really close to each other as well, so when people are walking past they hear bands playing…

Lewis: They can’t help but listen to us!

So you guys have just released your second, Here's To The Fatigue. What was the release of that like, compared to your first album?

Adam: Good, yeah! We sat on it for quite a while just because… Sorry, this is a very good band playing right now!

Luke: Yeah, Arcane Roots!

Adam: Yeah, it took a while getting it out and everything, so it’s nice to be here playing all the songs in a festival environment.

Okay, so what was the creative process of Here's To The Fatigue like?

Adam: It’s similar to our first one where we just like… What we do is we write music and then...

Luke: Record it… And then we release it… And then we play it!

Adam: And we went out to Texas to record it, so yeah, it was a good experience.

Luke: I think it’s just nice as well because the first album was such a learning curve for all of us, so it was nice to go into this one with a lot of the anxiety of the last album having disappeared. We just had fun writing some music again, not feeling stressed about it. Which is something we definitely felt with the first album.

Yeah, and you’re touring later in the year, how are you feeling about that run?

Luke: Yeah, really excited! Hopefully we can get a few more festivals in, there’s another one that we’ll be announcing soon. All of these things help because this is the promo for the tour, we’re essentially trying to win over new fans so hopefully it’ll be alright.

Okay, and what sort of stuff are we expecting, are there anything special plans for it?

Luke: Lots of second album.

Lewis: And hopefully we’ll play them all right!

Sounds cool! You guys have got your Forest set tomorrow, are you going to be checking anyone else out this weekend?

Luke: Oh, absolutely!

Lewis: I’m actually glad we can hear Arcane Roots so well right now!

Adam: Jamie Lenman is playing a Forest Session, that’ll be good. At The Drive InBlack Peaks, Bad Sign. Yeah, there’s just too many good bands!

Sounds good! That's all we've got time for, cheers guys!

Press To MECO will be touring later this autumn in support of Here's To The Fatigue, with the group playing the record in full at London's Boston Music Rooms on November 10th. Full dates can be seen below.