Taken by the Tide – Revenge | EP Review

Found within the darker reaches of Technical Metal and perhaps exhibiting elements of Hardcore, Taken by the Tide offer something close to Death Metal or Blackened Death Metal as it takes Tech-Metal or Hardcore just that far. Atmospheric and boasting some evil sounding guttural snarls, Taken by the Tide are rightfully breaking some ground. The guitar riffs exhibit moments of both groove and Tech-Metal but otherwise, as is certainly evident in this EP, Revenge, they let it end there. Perhaps ‘Angfang Extinction’ is the best example of a more technical sound for the band but, as show-stealers like ‘Grave Lessons’ and ‘Moloch’ prove, their sound is something else. It’s dark and proudly so. They may well fit into all circles comfortably enough but they bring it together very well. Revenge feels like a powerful step forward for the band. Well defined and unashamed. Revenge has enough variety within the tracks to never get boring whilst continuing previously made sounds. All the while songs will happily bounce from fast to strong and to atmospheric. It is the mixture of these elements that makes the EP so powerful. Taken by the Tide are on firm footing and ready to keep on pushing their sound further. Revenge is such an accomplished EP for the band and a strong record for extreme Metal fans.

Score: 8/10

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