Introducing... Wovenlung

Introducing... Wovenlung. The Northamptonshire Metalcorers are out to turn heads with latest release "Hold My Heart" and here is why.

The band have shared the stage with notable names like Secrets and Sienna Skies. After one EP with the bands old vocalist and guitarist the band took a break before introducing new vocalist Phil Walker. "Hold My Heart" showcases the bands new sound that has developed.

The single is an onslaught of in-your-face riffs and mosh-worthy hooks. Think Killswitch Engage and Bury Tomorrow and you are on the right lines for the level in intensity here. This is a promising start to a new beginning for Wovenlung and if an EP or album follows in a similar vein to this the band are going to be hitting your doorstep for a show in no time.

You can check out the blistering new single "Hold My Heart" below:

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