Sinaya – Maze of Madness | Album Review

Yet another band from the prolific extremes of Metal in Brazil, Sinaya are quickly making a name for themselves. Coming fresh off the latest single Buried by Terror back in 2015, their only release since 2013’s EP Obscure Raids. It might have taken them 8 years but their debut album Maze of Madness is finally due for release this Friday (10th August).

In recent years Metal has gotten more defined, bigger, more global and also multi-gender. Sinaya are one of few all girl bands but add to a great roster of screamers or vocalists. Mylena Monaco at the centre of the band provides a core foundation of aggressive vocals that give the band that sense of Death/Thrash Metal. Layered behind this and giving each song a sense of power, the guitars have a rough and fast but mostly Groove Metal strength. Being both a defining element and a struggle for the band as it almost seems that the songs are battling with themselves to find a sound. There is a sense that the sound has been given a rough production. This leaves the overall sound of the album to be oddly lacking and allows for more of the songs to merge into one another.

Working against this are some of the groovier riffs that through ‘stop and start’ moments gives the songs a little bit more to go by. Songs like ‘Abyss to Death’, ‘Crowd in Panic’ and ‘Buried by Terror’ rank amongst some of their more achieved parts of the album. Maze of Madness generally gets better upon repeat listens, where the instruments have more of a chance to descend into your mind to find their place there. This seems to indicate that there is something there for those who will listen. It is always unfortunate when little things hold back the album in large ways. Sinaya seemed to have worked hard to keep their dream alive and their music isn’t completely forgettable but only lost amongst itself. Perhaps they’ll get better with each passing album but for now it’s shaky foundations for the Brazilian quartet. Score: 6/10

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