Unanimated – ‘Annihilation’ | EP Review

Unanimated are a band whose journey go back a long way to 1988 but have since had their fair share of hiatus’ and turmoil to get where they are. This Swedish Death Metal band had reunited I 2007 after a 11 year hiatus and after 2009’s In the Light of Darkness, have since not released an album. They have, however, recently signed a three album deal with Century Media Records and just as a small tease of what could come soon, we have Annihilation.

This four track EP, comes a little like a three track EP, in that three songs are of hard enforced Death Metal with their signature Black Metal edge – an edge that runs them close to God Dethroned – with an atmospheric track of guitars and chanting at a midway point. Despite this the solid sound of Unanimated wades through, though there are similarities to other bands and conventional takes on Blackened Death Metal, their melodies are both catchy and distinct. These guitar lines are well formed in a similar way to Amon Amarth or the aforementioned God Dethroned without sounding anything like them. The title track beautifully combines all of the EP into one great track, boasting guitars rough and dark vocals without accomplished drums and dark atmospheres. A small chant doesn’t go amiss and they hammer it all in on this track.

They are on form here. The wait was worth it. Are there albums to come, one can hope so. If they keep things on this firm foot, as they have, they are sure to bring some great moments of extreme Metal. We can only wait… Score: 8/10

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