Tenements - What Doesn't Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger | EP Review

Having built-up a fan-base through consistent touring with the likes of Betraying the Martyrs, Novelists and InVisions, Tenements have also dedicated a monumental amount of time to their newest EP release What Doesn’t Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger.

Opening up strong with ‘The Fear’, the post-hardcore outfit bring out an interestingly haunting approach here and despite not being the most memorable track you'll ever discover, the clever use of atmospheric tinges within the track truly helps set a tone to the EP.

Undeniably, the three standout tracks found on the EP do arrive towards its end. ‘Silhouettes’ incorporates a powerful chorus and bridge, powering the track and perhaps even saving it from the less interesting verses. On the other hand, ‘Thought and Prayers’ as well as ‘Standing on The Backs of Angels’ form the heaviest side of the release, creating slow build-ups that keep listeners enticed throughout.

Yet, as an overall view, this release is struggles to make itself heard. Producing originality these days is a task that not everyone is set out accomplish but should be pursuing nonetheless, and most of the tracks on the here just don’t have that spark to bring something new to the scene. ‘Permanent (More Than a Memory)' has elements of a high quality listen, with powerful unclean vocals dripping with vulnerability and emotion, yet even with all this included it still fails to reach its head out of the sand. If anything, perhaps the mixing is what lets the track down, with an awkward auto-tuned feel surrounding the clean vocals that instead of enhancing the track, leaves it to become nothing more than perhaps a filler.

This isn't all present to suggest that he EP is a poor attempt, but it undoubtedly lacks technique in certain areas. With a mixture of strong and weak tracks, Tenements have that ability to create enjoyable music with hints of creativity and originality, it’s refining and strengthening these points that is their next step. Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/TenementsGLA Twitter: @TenementsGLA


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