LOWLIVES - Burn Forever | EP Review

With the release of their debut EP Burn Forever, Lowlives are one of the latest bands to join the ever-growing grunge revival movement, yet they do so with a few tricks hidden up their sleeve that set them apart from other bands repping the scene right now.

Title and opening track 'Burn Forever' perfectly encapsulates what this band is all about, heavy guitar riffs, smashing drums, huge choruses and more riffs; this is music made for mosh pits through and through. Fans of frontman Lee Villains (formerly known as Stitch D) previous band, The Defiled will already be aware of his impressive vocal capabilities, boasting an eleven second long scream on second track 'Black Hole' that could put most metalcore vocalists to shame. Also present within the band is drummer Luke 'Jocko' Johnson, who anyone coming over from his previous projects (Amen, No Devotion + more) will tell you, this man can absolutely slay a kit, his aggressive, pounding beats booming throughout each track. It'll take no more than a single listen to convince anyone that Luke is an experienced and talented musician.

'Thieves' comes in third, and is potentially the heaviest track present here, though not without its catchy sing-along moments. Guitarist Jaxon Moore brings some of the dirtiest, grungiest thrashing around as Lee unleashes another feral scream to kick this song in, while bassist Steve Lucarelli hammers in with some four string rhythmic action to keep the tempo up. The final track on the record is an acoustic rendition of Burn Forever, the more dark and harrowing tone complete with ghostly choir voices lurking in the background gives the song a completely different feel, allowing for a heavier emphasis on the lyrical content, letting the words sink in and connect in a way they couldn't before while you were too busy banging your head to them.

Lowlives feel important for this genre, they've stormed onto the scene as a collective of professional musicians with long, successful careers trailing behind them. They've done the time, they're used to life on the road and stage performances, this band knows what they are doing, and they are doing it well. In the vast landscape of emerging bands and musicians, you don't want to the one who passed up an opportunity to go see them while they were still playing small club shows, this band is a cut above the rest, and whether you pay attention to that fact now, or later, you're going to find out eventually.

Score: 9/10 Facebook:/wearelowlives Twitter: @wearelowlives