Whilst some acts burst onto the scene with fervent energy, building a reputation for themselves rapidly, some choose to simmer under the surface willingly, bubbling with potential and waiting for the optimal time to strike. One such act who has taken this approach is Bristol’s groove metal outfit BOE. An anagram for Brink Of Extinction, the six piece collective originated way back in 2005, under the moniker of SoulKage prior to re-branding themselves as BOE in 2007. Whilst the act entered a hiatus in 2010, much to the dismay of the underground South West scene, the group returned to activity in 2016, taking the time to invest in new equipment, shuffle the lineup and to draw up a battle plan, one that they are currently executing with finesse and logic.

Now on the cusp of releasing their second six track EP Rebirth, which stands as a follow up to their initial 2009 debut Illusions Found, the group are primed and ready to grip not just the local scene, but the national one. Masted by Justin Hill (Young Guns, Heart Of A Coward, Sikth), the record is a true and delightful composition of jarring influences that intermingle and co-entwine beautifully. Grooving riffs reminiscent of that of Lamb Of God and Chimaira disintegrate into angular and progressively technical constructs, bridging the gap between brute metallic strength and the technical aesthetics prized the UKTM scene. Such shifting structures are only intensified by the dual vocals present, adding additional layers to a sound initially multidynamic and built with consideration. Shifting from sinister snarls to maniacal screams and grounded baritones, the revolving fashion in which these vocals present themselves remain firmly in the realms of the DIY aesthetic and leave a precedent air of unpredictability, influenced by frenzied vocals of Sikth themselves.

Dispute not having a release within this decade, BOE have already shared stages with the likes of Soulfly, Thank You Scientist, Napoleon, Continents and many more. Truly, it’s a testament to their talent and potential, building a fanbase with just their sheer skill, enthusiasm and talent. Never the less, with Rebirth now under their collective belts the group are undoubtedly set to scale the rungs of the scene, having already been confirmed for this years Techabilitation where they shall be sharing the stage with Uneven Structure, Sumer and many other incredibly cherished bands. If you like your groove metal technical, eccentric and progressive, BOE is an act you rightfully need to jump on.

Rebirth is self released Friday the 7th. Check out the single 'Jekyll & Psyclops' via their bandcamp here.

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