Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic | EP Review

Fizzy Blood firmly asserted themselves in the northern DIY scene with their two previous EPs Feast (2015) and Summer of Luv (2017), but their latest release Pink Magic sees them make an unparalleled jump. With opening title track play-listed by BBC Radio 1 in June while many more big names in the industry also get behind them, there’s a reason you should be giving this EP your undivided attention.

Easily compared with the likes of Lower Than Atlantis and fellow Leeds DIY punks Marmozets, this record sees Fizzy Blood surprisingly hint at contrasting influences from bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Arctic Monkeys. Title and opening track ‘Pink Magic’ injects scuzzy funk-styled riffs into their usual thrashing punk sound, and is a positive start. Despite the track starting off slow – reminiscent of Trent Reznor’s industrial group – it packs a punch with a raging instrumental that will be guaranteed to cause a storm when played live. ‘

'Strangers’, however, sees the alt rockers take on a new challenge as they explore hazy indie melodies that could easily be mistaken for something taken from Arctic Monkeys’ AM. Although it will probably come as a shock to their earlier listeners, the gamble has paid off as they still ensure their signature bass-heavy grooves are at the front of focus. Highlighting each member’s diversity in songwriting and style such as off-the-beat drum patterns, high-tuned mellow riffs and airy synth melodies, this could be a real turning point for Fizzy Blood’s future sound.

Closing track ‘Illusion’ is the only effort which hasn’t been previously released, yet is the most predictable. Throughout the rest of the EP, they’ve shown such skilled improvements in their style from psych and grunge to indie, but this final piece fails to stand out purely because it doesn’t meet the same eclectic high standard they’ve just spent the last ten minutes setting. Subjectively, as a stand-alone single it would be praised on its upbeat, anthemic choruses and groovy verses, but as part of this innovative collection, they’ve shown they have the potential to experiment beyond this.

Pink Magic is bursting with such variety, there’s no predicting where their next releases will take them. This shows them dip their toes into all new kinds of waters and will be looked back on as a pivotal moment for Fizzy Blood.



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