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Aborted are back! Their music being a powerful part of modern extreme measures of music. Paving the way for a lot of brutality in Death Metal and Death Grind, the band’s signature style isn’t lost on this new album, TerrorVision, which takes its name from a horror-comedy cult classic film from 1986. But despite being part of the bands gore and sense of humour the underlying message isn’t just fun: “a lot of things that have been happening in the last couple of years where the public opinion is clearly being molded and manipulated”, says Sven de Calluwé the vocalist, “bigotry [and] racism [are] all tools used by media to remove the eye on the actual problems for the human race as a whole and our planet.” TerrorVision, the film, features monsters that control people through television and so, is far too fitting for the band’s aims.

Aborted keep a lot of the energy seen on many of their albums. Deep guttural vocals and inhumane snarls are lathering each song, whilst they also show a precision to be powerful and heavy. Many bands within Death Metal can fall to the speed and blast beats are everything formula but Aborted manage to weave in equal amounts with steady aggressive rhythms, melodies and brutal stop, start riffs that capture a sort of weight. As if suddenly the world slams on you to bring you smashing through the ground like a bloodied hammer.

The darkness given to the album's title track makes a great opener and sign of things to come with a riff opening it up from the relentless aggression. However, show stealers are: ‘Vespertine Decay’ with its harmonics; and ‘Squalor Opera’ with its epic sense of melody underlying a delicious aggression; not even to forget the gloomy bleakness given to tracks like ‘Exquisite Covinous Drama’; as well as the glorious signature Aborted riffing given to ‘A Whore D’oeuvre Macabre’. TerrorVision manages to be as versatile as it is violent.

Despite the humour that is apparent with the band, they certainly haven’t neglected the weight of nine albums prior wisdom of music making to help to contort Death Metal into a modern sound and sheer aggression. Brutality is the absolute word and senses of epic songs or melodies, a follow up to this vision. By now, their sound is both beautifully defined and, amazingly, still giving them fresh and exciting range. TerrorVision is their natural progression, their next message and a true hearted output for a band deliciously gore ridden and loving it.

Score: 8/10

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