Whilst some emerging acts burst onto the live circuit and respective live scene immediately after their inception, charging into the industry without fleshed out material or consideration, there’s some artists who choose to mentally charge themselves within the shadows, crafting material to the point of perfection and taking the time to consider their approach. One such act who has taken the time to pinpoint their respective plan of action are Bristolian heavy hitters Fangs. Since solidifying their line-up in June 2016, the snarling metalcore quintet have remained behind the curtain until just recently, perfecting material and taking the required time to create the contacts required, hone their skills and ensure their emergence stands to be as startling as possible.

Such an entrance to the live scene took place earlier this summer, with the group hosting and curating a charity event with fellow Bristolian scene heroes Backroads headlining. Whilst the majority of inaugural live shows prove to be ultimately either awkward, underattended or sloppy, it’s evident that the time taken to polish their skillset and approach paid off significantly, with the group devastating a packed out venue with finesse, skill and brutal elegance. Of course, such a set wouldn’t be possible without content from their debut Conviction EP, released earlier this year. A true hybrid breed of hardcore, metalcore and deathcore, the scathing release perfectly encompasses the spirit of youthful, breakdown focused music. Truly venomous, the record mares youthfully violent and digestible core orientated strictures and vocals, in lieu of acts such as Emmure and Wage War, with monumental heft and leveling density that’s reminiscent of acts such Meshuggah and The Faceless. Resonating a sense of fervent urgency that’s become synonymous with the current alternative scene, the EP perfectly demonstrates skill and knowledge much required in order to strike a chord with the youth of today, with the record already becoming a point of heavy interest within the South West scene.

Now with a reputation to uphold, the lads in Fangs have already taken the necessary steps to increase their volatile range, with a sting of singles now on the cusp of release, more shows being booked and full length debut now being on the horizon. Where most bands openly promise such endeavors, Fangs clearly possess the aptitude and motivation needed to become a key player within the scene, with the freshly released single ‘W.M.D’ currently making waves ahead of their next show with Exemption and Instruments Of Torture. Never the less, what we are currently witnessing is the inception of an act who sees their sky as the limit and posses the drive and aptitude required in order to meet their goals, no matter how lofty or ambitious they may be.

Fangs will return to the stage on Sunday the 30th of September at Cathy's, Cardiff in support of Exemption. Check the full line-up below. As the time being, stream the Conviction EP and their respective singles here.




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