Black Honey - S/T | Album Review

With the current trend of 80’s inspired Indie Rock bands taking centre stage over our musical consciousness, we can easily get hooked on its infectious feel good atmosphere while the lyrics dive into the deepest zone of life’s depravity and allow you to live to tell the tale.

Amongst the influx of talented artists making a name for themselves in recent times, Black Honey‘s self-titled debut album is set to ignite your fascination with its signature gritty Indie Pop Rock sound, and mix of devastating drama filled explorations into modern life, Not to mention a plethora of constantly evolving and ever endearing content just waiting to be heard by the masses, two tracks truly stand out above the rest with its intriguing stances on love, sex and self preservation.

‘Blue Romance’ is a Crooners hook up anthem which straddles an Alt Rock Lana Del Rey-esque sensibility. Its lyrical content describes the intoxicating taste of pleasure in the arms of a soul destined to never break past the point of emotional availability. In casting such a glamorised yet eerily depressing light on this modern day past time, Izzy Phillips' vocals elevate this tracks spine chilling potential into the stratosphere with her ever so sweet yet penetrating delivery.

‘Wasting Time’ dissects the after effects of separation anxiety from the perspective of the one who got away. A deep yearning for forgiveness is heard through a hypnotising cry of a siren out at sea with the added effect of rainfall suggesting cold showers after intercourse or a cleansing of the mind and body, this track resembles all the red flags of a loveless relationship gone array when pleasure takes precedence over deep rooted feelings.

For a record mostly consisting of moderately favourable tracks with some truly inspired musical ventures in its possession, its only critique lies in its audio production of the lead singer’s vocals on certain tracks that feel so auto-tuned to death that you can’t connect on a personal level due to her voices resemblance to an answering machine. The true highlight of this impressive album is Phillips’ stunning vocals on most tracks that generate a lighter than air personality that’s paired with a mix of instrumental genre’s which leave the band open to expansion on its already impressively perfected sound of controlled chaos. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/BlackHoneyUK Twitter: @BLACKHONEYUK