Coast To Coast - The World Doesn't Work | EP Review

Birmingham boys Coast to Coast are undeniably on course for success, with upcoming release The World Doesn’t Work paving the way for the UK music scene. 2017’s release The Length of a Smile oozed melancholy, and this release is certainly no different.

Opening track ‘Tremble’ infinitely radiates sorrow from start to finish. Frontman Keiran Hyland’s vocals are distinctive and wildly captivating; the sheer sense of introverted pessimism that he emits whilst discussing family relationships creates a familiar sting that most could relate to. The strong West Midland twang paired with an intensely infectious and gritty sound makes for the perfect opener.

The prominence of cynicism is carried throughout this release and is especially evident in ‘The Sun is Dim’, which is without a doubt the strongest single on this EP. The gut-wrenching honesty is instantly apparent; a cathartic outpour from start to finish. Hyland’s vocals take front and centre, with deeply personal lyrics making it impossible to believe that each and every word isn’t weighing heavy. Anxiety and dying romance go hand in hand, making for a familiar outburst of self-doubt. It seems that words cannot quite offer justice for the passion and strength that went into this single.

Instrumentally, this release can, and does, offer an optimistic tone; bouncy pop-rock riffs are somewhat apparent in small doses. ‘Boxing’ and ‘Be Kind’ carry all of the instrumental generics for a fun pop punk hit. However, it doesn’t take long to uncover the deep self-resentment and woe in Hyland’s tone; each single presenting an honest and outspoken ode to examining your own happiness and self-worth.

Singles such as ‘Good & Grim’ and ‘Cold Buzz’ can feel somewhat buried on this release due to the EP’s incredibly intense and hard-hitting character. However, these singles are still undeniably exceptional, sporting punchy riffs and angsty vocals with that oh so familiar lugubrious tone.

Gloomy, yet unquestionably comforting, relevant and relatable in every way - these guys hit the nail on the head. In an over-saturated scene, Coast to Coast break out of the boundary and show us that the UK music scene is alive and kicking, as well as proving that sometimes, the world just doesn’t work. These guys are above and beyond local pop punk - a real hidden talent that deserve all the success on offer.

Score: 9/10

The World Doesn’t Work is released on the 26th October via Fox Records