Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream | Album Review

Since the celebration of the darker half of the year is soon to be upon us, it’s only fair that our much loved artists and musicians etc treat this Halloween season with the respect it deserves. And no other artists have truly given us a reason to scream like the latest record by Ice Nine Kills.

The Silver Scream is INK’s fifth studio album and the second instalment in their Literary and Motion Picture inspired musical exploration, which was crafted beautifully throughout their 2015 release - Every Trick in the Book. This years release delves into the retelling of much loved classic horror films, which prey on the listeners imagination and pounces on their inner most frightening encounters which each and every movie referenced.

In keeping with the vibe of the films that inspired this immaculately created whirl wind ride, each track has its own personality and room to breathe, while still emulating the sinister stories that have scarred us for life. Two such inclusions on the album that can literally take your breath away include ‘The World in My Hands’ and ‘IT is the End’.

‘The World in My Hands’ is a post-hardcore touching tribute to the heartbreaking story of the Tim Burton 90’s classic Edward Scissorhands. While following the same story beats, INK have created an air of separation that allows you to emotionally attach yourself to the story of Edward and his struggles with being an outcast in a seemingly perfect world. The lyrics almost suggest a parting of the ways from the original story with its clever word play to also include possible discussion of body dysmorphia and depression through its admission of being in a constant state of numbness.

‘IT is the End’ is a nightmare inducing metalcore rollercoaster ride retelling the truly terrifying tale of Stephan Kings’ IT. If you want to know what the perfect musical accompaniment to the recent movie adaptation starring Bill Skarsgard would be, look no further. With the production value hyping the suspense, thrills and mayhem out of the earths atmosphere, plus Spencer Charnas' powerful blood curdling screams and voice manipulation to sound just like the dancing clown itself, you are truly in for a listening experience that will echo across your consciousness for weeks on end.

Even though some tracks lack some ambiguity which would allow this album’s appeal to stretch further afield than just horror movie fanatics, The Silver Scream is still a masterclass in the darkest depths of depravity that leave you in terror inducing paradise. It’s an incredible concoction that is well thought out to allow any metalcore fan to enjoy immensely and is perfect for getting in the mood for a the most bewitching time of the year. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/IceNineKills Twitter: @ICENINEKILLS


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